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07-27-2020 at 09:17 AM
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Unreal Tournament: remastered and glorious

If you are an old timer like me, you may have spent countless hours on Quake III and Unreal Tournament. I worked for a company that was a pioneer in Digital Rights Management back in the late 90's / early 2000's. We applied our technology to Video Games primarily and as such we made sure to thoroughly test our products out every
afternoon in a company wide frenz of headshots, team kills and general mayhem.

Unreal Tournament was my favorite of them all, and I am happy to say you can still play it online. Epic Games and the community have released an updated version for free. No microtransactions, no pay to win crap. Just good old fun.

The download is a suprising 20GB, much larger than the original which fit on a single CD. The good news is that if you want to play on more than one machine on your local network you don't have to download it twice. You can start the download then stop it after a minute or two, then dump all the files into that directory from your previous installation on another computer. In my case that took 5 minutes vs 20 hours to download.

Facing worlds is one of my most favorite maps from back in the day but they also have all sorts of new maps and features.

Here my two sons are experiencing capture the flag on a new map. While I don't normally let my youngest play violent games, this one is against bots and the carnage is not over the top. He is a natural born player I tell you. Within a few minutes he figured out the controls and was getting headshots.

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    I just finished testing this game on a 9 year old PC with a 6 year old Graphics card. It works flawwlessly.

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