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03-02-2021 at 09:15 PM
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Corel Netwinder Computer

I have a room full of what I call "interesting things" that I have pickedup and carried with me over the years. These photos are of an old computer I want to see if I can get running. It is from themid 1990's, and was manufactured by Corel Corporation. It was a linux terminal used in an office environment. That product was sold off and renamed to a company named Rebel which called them Sidewinders. Imagine a single computer that could handle your company's emails, printing, file storage, etc. That was a big deal back then. And these sub 5,000 computers were a bargain comparied to what the big boys were selling.

I received this from some people at work when I asked for old computers so I could cobble them together and donate. I ended up with a pile of broken Mac computers including a super sexy iMac. The ones that worked went to an auction and sadly the rest went to the recyler. Oh why didn't I keep them? Oh yeah. Because we needed a room for our expanding family.

I'll try to get it up and running tomorrow. I still need to find a power supply (I have a massive pile of them). Maybe I'll find some bitcoins on it. :)

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