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03-05-2021 at 03:54 PM
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Arcade Retro Clock: Astrosmashed!!

I spend all my free time working on this bizarre monstrosity. There's so many games I have in here and so many more in my head but each couple weeks I focus on one of the games I'm transferring over and in this case it is spacedot AKA Astro smash.

this is all running from a raspberry pie hooked up to an add a fruit LED matrix that is 64 pixels wide and 32 pixels vertical. Each pixel can do RGB and they are quite bright and beautiful.

The LED panel is connected to a raspberry pie via a little contraption called an RGB hat. The hat and the LCD together cost about $130.

you can get smaller screens this one is actually quite big I believe they pitch on it is 6 mm. So this is great for an outdoor sign viewed from 10 or 20 feet away it looks awesome up close it's a little pixelated but who cares

The program is written in Python and is currently 23,000 lines long. It's actually broken up into three different pieces. And then includes a lot of hand-drawn artwork. You will see in this video the homing missiles are rather varied and their colorful and animated. most of my programming goes into how to make things like that and then I spend a little bit of time actually making them. So I can in a boat 5 minutes bang off another animated sprite and then haven't moving all over the screen.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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  1. The Evener's Avatar

    I like the addition of the ground being damaged by falling asteroids - it sounds like there’s a point where the ground is destroyed, which ends the game?

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  2. datagod's Avatar

    That is in the works. Right now the ground consists of a line of X ship objects. Each ship has hitpoints, and explosion sprite, etc. Nothing happens when the ground dies, but I plan to make a huge explosion.

    Today I am tweaking a pacman game. On a 16x16 playfield, it works great. On the bigger playfield I am able to put down maze walls but the pac-dot is pretty stupid and keeps getting stuck. :)

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    How much would you charge me for one of these, all included? I think my daughter would love it. I am a dunce in this department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp
    I am a dunce.



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    USA! USA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp

    How much would you charge me for one of these, all included? I think my daughter would love it. I am a dunce in this department.

    It would be far better for you if you could source the parts and I could give you the code for free. Shipping things across the universe is expensive.

    My cost: (US funds)

    Outdoor RGB Panel: $50

    RGB controller: $25

    Power suplies $20

    SD Card: $20

    Dark Plexiglass diffuser: $5

    Raspberry Pi 3 B+: $45

    Yikes. It ads up! $160 so far.

    I am looking at sourcing a variety of screens from Ali Express. China manufacturers these panels for outdoor TV's and come in all sorts of configuration. Indoor ones are cheaper.

    I'll let you know when my screens come int. I am hoping to get some smaller ones for about $20.

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  7. kernzyp's Avatar

    I'll need a point by point YouTube video tutorial !
    I saw some other uses for the Pi and it's an amazing little thing. Wish I was younger and more competent.

  8. datagod's Avatar

    It is never too old to learn. If you can watch youtube, you can run a Pi. Millions of users around the world all collaborating and helping each other learn to code and tinker. It is trully an awesome hobby.

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