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04-29-2021 at 09:14 AM
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Rolling / Flyheccing

New NES Tetris Technique: Faster than hypertapping

This is a great video describing a new method that can deliver more than 20 taps per second. Big shout out to @Fly in the video as well.

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    You just learning about this?

    How you think I got so fast?


    Teasing-I had some 'fast" skills going on, but I'd prolly put Fly down as an active mentor to help making me faster-the skills can apply on other controllers, as well, with the right games.


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  2. datagod's Avatar

    Yes, just learning about this now. Apparently I am a hypertapper. I can get 12 clicks per second, but it strains my elbow joint.

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    We did some pretty neat stuff, Man, there was a fast tapping game for cellphone/PC keyboard/game controller, he and I both did well there(he smoked me, haha!), but I LOVE fast tapping.

    The games are usually "athletic", which I am NOT, but(I imagine you know this story already), I've played guitar forever, and a lot of that was "intentionally fast" stuff, and I swear it's the same skillset.

    I often hum parts of songs when I am tapping on a game, to stay in time.

    (Timing is as important as "fast", sometimes!).

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  4. Fly's Avatar

    I've been watching CheeZ play since December and I've seen him get 26Hz quite often and he's only getting better. One major advantage with his technique isn't only the speed, but the accuracy of the amount taps. The video doesn't mention that. Hyper tappers kind of guess when to stop if they need 3, 4 or 5 taps, etc. and often have to adjust if they are short or long on the taps. With FlyHeccing/Rolling(I hate the name- should just be FlyTapping if they wanna keep my name in it) if you want 4 taps it's as simple as one strum. 3 is just taking 1 finger out of the strum.

    BTW, He smashed his WR for most lines since the video came out. He may be able to go on forever on the "Kill Screen" on day.

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  5. MegaTech's Avatar

    i think it's just cool that my foot grip made it into that video

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