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05-24-2021 at 08:38 PM
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Pinball Emulators

What are your favorite pinball emulators?

I have Arcade Pinball and Pinball FX2 on steam. I enjoy the games but not the default horizontal layout. It seems like such a waste to play that way instead of flipping the TV / Monitor and playing vertically. Of course that is easier said than done. I have a couple of older LED/LCD TV's that I use for projects, but they are pretty heavy. I am thinking of laying one down flat on a table and playing standing up using my Tank stick as the controller (it has pinball buttons on the side).

What about you folks? What is your favorite system, favorite table? I am having a lot of fun with one of the Elvira tables and of course Fun House. Gotta keep feeding Rudy those hot dogs!

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  1. wwdkong's Avatar

    I bet that's pretty sweet when you get that fully set up. I keep it simple tho, I use a big tv for a computer monitor anyway, so I just play visual pinball & future pinball emulations straight-up on my desktop. We had a 1964 & a 1973 pinball machine when I was a kid, so it blew my mind to find decent emulations of those & most of the ones I remember from arcades & elsewhere in the 70s & 80s. Like with mame, I'm in heaven going through all the historical pinball machines.

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  2. lexmark's Avatar

    Just asking. Would it not be fair for TG to track "emulated pinball scores" ? There are actual problems with tracking REAL pinball scores, but would it be reasonable to say that "emulated" scores are more likely to be a bit more fool proof?

    Can you create an INP file with emulated pinball play?



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  3. wwdkong's Avatar

    It's cool to see people submitting pinball stuff on twin galaxies here, but I don't know what platforms those are. So I can't speak for other things out there.

    But the ones I'm aware of & use, no. I wish, that would be great. But the ones I use, Visual Pinball & Future Pinball, people are actually taking it upon themselves to create these things & then upload them to share with everybody for free (though I think I've donated $ to all the websites I've used), and my impression is that they're pretty much an open source kind of thing, and I've never heard anything about inp files. Which I like in its own way, cuz I might figure out how to fix things I don't like on some emulations.

    Fwiw, when I'm playing my favorite emulations & keep track of a pb, my own rule will be to not modify it. But the 2 emulated machines I've owned before, there are differences from reality that I'll try to improve if I figure out how.

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  4. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark

    Just asking. Would it not be fair for TG to track "emulated pinball scores" ? There are actual problems with tracking REAL pinball scores, but would it be reasonable to say that "emulated" scores are more likely to be a bit more fool proof?

    Can you create an INP file with emulated pinball play?



    They're some already on the scoreboard for Virtual Pinball: . Those created by Marc Cohen (@marcade) have some pretty strict rules on them, requiring full pinball-like environment.

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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Throwing in on this-

    Visual Pinball/Pinmame IS really cool-I explored it quite a bit before I joined TG actually, and am not sure I have the patience to set it up again(getting VP to work with Pinmame is the pain-for the most part, VP is the table emulation, Pinmame is the scoring emulation, on most modern tables(digital).

    Making sure everyone was using the same table variation would be a HUGE PITA, back then they were improved/updated pretty regularly(keeping up with them was a hobby, I had TONS of tables, on old pc's), but they do have showable settings, the slope/ball speed, etc, so it would be doable, just a huge undertaking, IMO.

    Ya, coming from a person who isn't a huge pinball fan-I'm sure consoles and the pinball collections are great, but Visual Pinball is REALLY cool, I felt smarter every time I messed with it(I scripted some, trying to make tables).


    Oh, haha, the Tank!

    That's how I played Visual Pinball, and probably having the side buttons on it was the catalyst to me trying VP!

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  6. datagod's Avatar

    For all the years I have played Fun House (every time I find one in the wild I play a few games), it is kinda pathetic that I never read the rules or figured out exactly how to trigger thing. I just like running ramps and getting rudy to shut up.

    Thanks to Pinball Arcade, and taking a few minutes to read the instructions I am now aware of how to advance the clock. Basically, hit everything. LOL.

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  7. datagod's Avatar

    I installed Pinball FX3 last night on Steam and bought a William Season 2 I believe. I played Junkyard over lunch, what a fun game. I really like the interface and the powerups, and the ability to play with new upgrades or purely "classic" mode.

    I might create some tracks too and submit a few scores. :)

  8. voodoo_chilly's Avatar

    I personally have been into Zaccaria Pinball lately (Have it on Steam plus I have all EM and SS tables on my Android phone). Nice scoreboard too. I bought a few FX3 tables, but since the news that the new FX engine will NOT be backward compatible, I will wait until FX is released before buying more tables. On FX3 I have a couple WIlliams packs, Universal (Back to the Future, Jaws, ET) pack and some STar Wars tables. Also have Pinball ARcade emulator but only own a few. But by far Zaccaria is my personal favorite pinball emulator as of now. I play all on my MAME machine with the Tank STick installed which have the flipper buttons which makes it seem more realistic.

    @Rogerpoco I also used to do Visual Pinball/PinMAME. Then the computer I had it installed on crashed. Then I had to re-learn how to set it up again (frustrating). I just buy the tables on Steam pinball much easier to me.

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