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06-01-2021 at 09:58 AM
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Making your mark on gaming culture

For the past 10 years I have been greatly enjoying the resurgence of Arcades, Pinball (never really went away) and retro games. For me anyway the gaming world was all about the latest and greatest graphics on a PC. With a small family I just didn't have time to invest in many hobbies or whatnot, but in 2010 I became very interested in classic arcade gaming and the community that I discovered.

I was very happy to be part of that, and as a photographer I am quite happy to see that I have made my mark with my own contributions.

Any time you see the "Billy with Pacman" photo, know that I was the one behind the camera. I put that photo into the wiki commons for anyone to use, as long as they give proper credit (source/photographer). Not many organizations bother to do that, but when I take the time to remind them of their obligations they usually give the proper credit right away.

Thanks for tuning in.

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