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06-04-2021 at 07:53 AM
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Billy Mitchell responds to Karl

Remember folks, we are talking about real people, not just characters in our favorite drama.

Billy responds to Karl Jobst's accusations and seems to threaten a lawsuit regarding Karl making a video with false allegations that Billy contributed to Apollo's suicide.

If what Billy says is true (and I believe it is true), Apollo never paid Billy, their settlement did not involve money.

It is a sad situation all around.

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  1. RedDawn's Avatar

    I dont think we can believe anything BM says. For all we know money was involved and he's trying to now shut everyone up and create a different narrative. He never showed those papers, and if everyone settles he wont have to, ever.

    Regardless of whether money was involved or not, I still think he contributed to Apollo's death.

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  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    "In my hand I have the settlement and it proves everything I'm saying right here and now" I'm not gonna spend two seconds showing it to you so that you can be sure I'm not lying, but it's right here, so believe me.

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  3. EVN's Avatar

    So a career liar holds up a piece of paper and tells you what it says, do you believe him?

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  4. datagod's Avatar

    Given the severity of the allegations, and the likelihood of a another lawsuit, I am going to say that I believe Billy. It would not be wise to go on video and lie about a legal settlement, especially when that information would be part of the next lawsuit.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    Lol old tg hot shots world never ever set themselves up with provable lies

  6. lexmark's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Given the severity of the allegations

    I'm wondering if there's a difference in "stress levels" between not paying someone "any money" or being sued for a million dollars?

    Can someone help me to stop wondering ?

    Just asking.



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  7. EVN's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark

    I'm wondering if there's a difference in "stress levels" between not paying someone "any money" or being sued for a million dollars?

    Can someone help me to stop wondering ?

    Just asking.



    Let's say you had a lawsuit for a milion dollars hanging over your head for 12 months John, how well do you reckon you'd sleep? If it was me I reckon not well.

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  8. datagod's Avatar

    Lawsuits by their very nature are stress inducing. I imagine anyone without prior experience would be terrified of the million dollar threat. Maybe that's why so many people threaten to sue, the very threat causes pain.

    The question -- which is really none of my business -- is how long was there between the settlement and Apollo taking his own life? Did Apollo blame Billy Mitchell publicly? Nope. Did he say he had a very painful medical procedure coming up? I believe that is what I heard in his video, I could be wrong.

    If I was going to end my life as a direct result of being sued / harassed / threatened by somebody I would more than likely mention them specifically as the cause and leave no doubt in anyone's mind.

    Seems that too many people are eager to read into the matter things that are just not there.

  9. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    id sleep just fine because i know i dont have a million dollars.

  10. kernzyp's Avatar

    After watching Law & Order for years, I still find US justice RUBBISH.
    Same as in the UK.
    How can you sue someone above their wealth?
    What people never saw, is the smile on someone's lips when they learned of a death, under their pressure. You don't realise the sickness of the narcopath until you fall under their wheels.
    They'd rather people died than get caught. TRUST ME. Some women have actually killed their own children, after they walked in on their Mum having sex with their granddad.
    Now, what people don't understand, is the overbearing confidence, smuggary, MEGALOMANIA and self induced glory of conning GUINESS WORLD RECORDS into accepting his cheated scores. He thinks he owns the planet, now, where before, it was just TG. Now people are killing themselves under his name.
    A million dollars, can do a lot of damage, whether you like it or not. Especially, when the justified is ridiculed for being honest, by the system. Ask SNOWDEN or Assange how that feels. So, the poor guy has Witchell AND the courts on his back.
    That, is EXACTLY when people commit suicide. Just ask any wronged Dad without visitation rights and no custody and inflated child care costs. When you are FORCED to fund your enemy, it's devastating.
    He has lost all the attention and SUPPLY from gaming. Now he gets it another way. It's all about feeling powerful, and it is a never ending and ever increasing addiction.
    As the years tick by, they get more brazen as they become more desperate for it. It's narcissistic ADRENOCHROME.
    I say never mention his name again, so we can UNTREND him. He's counting views and likes every half hour.
    People are dying, now. Nothing hurts a narcopath more than ignoring them. There is no such thing as bad publicity for them, which is why we see it all the time.
    IGNORE. Never search for his name, ever again. If you do, you are fuelling it. Cut off the supply.
    All he is doing is protecting his lying cheating ways, at ANY cost. Same as any criminal.
    If that poor guy was my bro, I'd sue Bitchell for whatever was available. Enticing suicide, or similar. Then I'd follow him around all day long with a video camera. Then I'd put a welfare check on his family. The front door is no barrier for sickness.
    Willy can sue me all he wants. All he'll get is a bottle of shampoo for his 30 years out of date hair DON'T, and it will be for the most SLIPPERIEST of greasy hair.
    The fading prima donna.

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