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07-21-2021 at 10:55 AM
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Pachinko: Leo Daniels Style

My good friend Leo Daniels (one of the originals) owns and operates Pachinko World in South Carolina. I stopped in for a visit on a drive back to Canada from Florida. What a great place, and so many Pachinko machines.

He loves telling the story that his custom plate paid for itself on day 1.

Some of the machines. My wife Stephanie and son Jacob are in the photo. Jacob is looking at a giant 8 player redemption game. Cost 10 bucks to start!! Big time money maker. You can win gifts, including $100 visa cards.

Oops. Not sure why this turned out sideways. Some weird Mario theme, I think. Or a smurf.

Big Giant Super Mega Fish Attack!

Massive game, and he has TWO of them.

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