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07-22-2021 at 08:39 PM
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Two Player Pinball

The Museum of Pinball in Banning has some sweet and interesting tables, including this two player soccer / football game.

Have you any experience playing these machines? Imagine Kaboom pinball!

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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I’ve played that here at Pinballz Arcade. It’s fun to try out, but it’s not a machine I found myself (and a friend) returning to often.

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  2. RedDawn's Avatar

    I see the metal bars on the side going up where the backglass would be, does it hold a Marquee or scoreboard of some kind? Cant tell from the pictures. Looks pretty cool, I wish we could see the playfield a little better.

    I played the Joust pinball machine which is capable of simultaneous two player action when I visited Galloping Ghost Pinball.
    It was alright. Definitely interesting. I wish that concept would have been experimented with more.

    Not to get off subject, but when I was there I also played the new Led Zeppelin pin, Premium edition. It may very well be the funnest pinball machine I've ever played. I really REALLY liked it. Makes me wish Pins weren't so expensive. I'm gonna have to play it again to see if it holds up.

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