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08-12-2021 at 11:04 AM
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Amiga 200HD: Quest to make it live

I have decided to chronicle my Amiga 2000HD resurrection efforts. As I said earlier, I picked up this bad boy for about $50.

The outside of the case is very clean. I was worried that I did not have a proper video cable but thankfully the monitor still had one plugged in. This is a Commodore 1084-D which supports digital video at something like 1250 x 1100 resolution. Pretty sweet for 1989. This monitor alone sells for a couple hundred dollars on E-Bay.

Inside the case is quite pretty, some sort of signal reducing coating?

Plenty of room for expansion. This is the first time I ever opened a computer from that era. I am very surpised to see how little the overall design has changed. Green PCB / motherboard, expansion slots, floppy on top of a hard drive, powersupply with a fan in the back.

I was expecting a spider nest or cockroaches. This is one reason I left it in my garage for two months. Insectophobia is real folks. The came from an e-waste disposal site afterall.

It is a bit dusty on the very bottom. I'll clean it up once I take it apart some more. I have to find and remove a battery, hopefully it didn't leak out.

FOXCONN? Wow. I heard they made Apple products. Didn't realize they were around so long. This computer says it was manufactured in the USA. This is before NAFTA, maybe Foxconn moved to China.

Thanks for reading. I'll have more to post tonight when I try to get it running (again).

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  1. onlyinajeep's Avatar

    On the mainboard, under the floppy, there's a battery for the real time clock that is notorious for leaking and causing damage.

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  2. datagod's Avatar

    Thanks good sir! I will be removing that at lunch time. Hopefully the damage is minimal.

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    Hopefully the VARTA gods are kind to you. There is a cheap replacement for this battery that uses common coin cells.

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    My A3000 nearly died at the hands of an evil leaking battery while it was in storage. It's got a 1 1/2" x 1" battle scar on the PCB. Once the offending object was removed and the PCB was cleaned up and bandaged the computer does still work, but for how long is anyone's guess. I cringe each time I turn it on.

    I hope you get that Amiga purring again.

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