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08-14-2021 at 08:26 AM
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Passing the mantle?

Was this the time that Tommy and Keith met and talked about the Amico? I don't know. It is a cool picture though.

This was at the Twin Galaxies festival in Banning California. Keith Robinson (RIP) traded me an Intellivision Flashback for some big photos I had of various events. He was such a nice man, loved hearing his stories about the early days of Intellivision. Other members of the Blue Sky Rangers were on hand as well. Listening to these guys talk about Lock and Chase was something hard to put into words. A game I was hooked on as a 12 year old, could not wait to find out what was on the next level (the prizes) only to hear 40 years later how that type of information was treated as a trade secret during development.

One part I remember quite well is they were talking about how the Intellivision could only display 15 colors, but they needed to recreate the "purple blue" from the arcade game Lock N Chase. One of the developers broke out the documentation for the video chip and discovered there was indeed at 16th color, one that matched what they were looking for perfectly.

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    I was lucky enough to chat with both Keith and Tommy at this event. So much has changed in just a few years that it's hard to accept. First there was no more TG and Banning affiliation. Then we lost Keith. Now Banning is no more.


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