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08-18-2021 at 10:45 AM
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Brofest: 2016

Brofest 2016 at Funspot was the last tournament I entered there, sad to say. Here are some shots I took:

One dude getting his score checked while another raises his hands for the next ref. Scores were adjudicated by Aurcade volunteers.

Stephen Wagner and John (Redelf) McAllister, two of the top arcade players of all time.

One of my all time favorite photos. My friend James makes an appearance way down the line. All the focus is on John.

Looking for a good time? Call datagod at 1-800-got-drama.

Thanks to the majic of a remote trigger, I made it into this group photo. I hate those damn white posts, so in another photo you may notice they are missing.

And voila! No more posts.

Holding up one of the prizes donated to the tournament.

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