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11-05-2021 at 06:54 AM
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Water cooler talk

When I used to work in an office with a younger crowd, they kept a water cooler in the kitchen area. People would go get water or coffee, and hang around for a bit and chat. "Hey, did you see Seinfeld last night?" "Did you see the latest Dilbert cartoon?" "Do you prefer Sega or Nintendo?"

I miss those chats.

Back in the early days of the web, there were several popular chat programs where people could just chat in real time with each other. AOL chat, IRC, ICQ, etc.

Instant messaging killed all that...for a while. Now we have discord. There are at least two discord serves that cater to Twin Galaxies members but there is no official one.

IF THERE WAS (hint hint) a widget could be embedded right here on the home page.

Why do this? To foster friendly communication between members. To further build community. To be cool and geeky. Take your pick.

And yes, Mike, I know. Get rid of everything except the scoreboard. ;)

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    The active chat function here a few years ago was pretty functional, but I had only just started using it when it was removed.

    PM is fine, but I personally have a lot of active conversations with people, and also things I'd like to say to someone in a quick blurb(yeah...right...), but doesn't really warrant an entire PM.

    "Maiden or Priest?"

    "Dungeons and Dragons, or Car Wars?"

    "Betty or Veronica?"

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    Nobody ever asks "Betty AND Veronica". They are both awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Nobody ever asks "Betty AND Veronica". They are both awesome.

    I'm getting off track here, lol, but-

    I really did read the heck out of Archie, my Grandmother spoiled me, would constantly send me to the convenience store to buy another comic, haha!

    So, when I go to being a teenager...

    I had a Betty, she was sweet, blonde, cheerleader, "apple pie".

    And I had a Veronica. Raven hair, spoiled brat, super-hot, haha!

    Most definitely, had every bit of the indecisions that Archie went thru, lol, and I swear, I am just realizing it, but I at least subconciously did that on purpose!


    I'm friendly with both(nothing weird...), and both have heard that analogy, lol.


  4. RedDawn's Avatar

    Ive never used discord but that is the type of thing I support TG doing. Branching out like that is something that helps grow communities and strengthens them.
    I dont have any problem with TG's current messaging system, but a Facebook-like pop-up PM style would be more convenient.

    Speaking of updates to TG, I'd highly encourage them to become Brave Verified. It would be extremely simple to do and would have only positive effects for TG and its members. IMO its almost ignorant for TG NOT to be Brave verified.
    It would bring in a small amount of income for TG, but more importantly it would foster a sense of participation, volunteerism, giving back and a general relationship between TG and its community members. It would further evolve TG's relationship with cryptocurrency as well and put them a step ahead where that's concerned. They only stand to benefit as its simply a way for users of the Brave browser to make one-time or monthly donations in cryptocurrency to something they like, and its extremely simple and user friendly.

    There's a lot of things that could be done that would take a lot of work, but embedding the Discord Widget and Brave verified icon onto the menu bar at the top of the screen would be very simple to do and have great benefits.

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  5. kernzyp's Avatar

    As time progresses, during this most recent "great reset", which is a book by Claus Schwaab, explaining what is occurring, humanity is being removed, quickly.
    A lot of people work from home, meetings are online. My first trauma therapy group meeting, was online, last week.
    No more face to face meetings.
    Useless masks are still being worn by the manipulated weak.
    No more microbe swapping = no more immune system improvements.
    Hugging and close contact improves your immune system, currently being outlawed.
    "You may kiss the bride while wearing a mask, while I don't".
    Turn off your TV. It lies.

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