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05-18-2016 at 09:08 AM
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Great Cycle Challenge

Hi, friends. I know this has nothing to do with video games (gee, didn't I start my prior post like that too!), but it's kind of important...

To be blunt...I'm a ******. I'm obese. And I'm trying to shed some pounds. I'm making VERY LITTLE progress -- when I went for my annual checkup this year my doctor told me I'm eight pounds lighter than I was last year -- but progress nonetheless. One way I'm trying to lose some weight is to ride my bike as much as I can. I have an eight-mile commute to work, and my (affordable) choices are Chicago Transit Authority and biking to work.

One thing I'm doing to encourage myself to ride my bike as much as possible is the Great Cycle Challenge. The Great Cycle Challenge is run by the Children's Cancer Research Fund. What I'm going to do is during the month of June, I'm setting a goal of riding my bike for at least 175 miles. (I initially set the goal for 150 miles, but that equates to not quite ten to-work-and-back commutes, so I gave myself a little extra.)

And you can sponsor me by donating to the Children's Cancer Research Fund here:


Truth is, I know this isn't about me, but it's about the kids. I've been blessed with good genes in my family; knock on wood, I've never had cancer, and the few on both sides of my family who have had any kind of cancer have beaten it, but not everybody has that kind of luck. Cancer obviously is a terrible disease, and it's absolutely devastating to a family when a child comes down with it. History has shown that kids with cancer are pretty tough, but let's take away this particular reason for them to be tough. Let them be tough for other reasons.

Please consider donating. I'm trying to raise at least $500, and as of now I still have a good $465 to go.

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    Hey Sean hang in there brother! I'd be happy to support you in your cause.

    I sympathize with the fight against cancer. My mom has successfully survived two bouts of breast cancer (fingers crossed), and a dear friend of mine passed away in high school from cancer.

    Keep cycling too that's, like, the ONLY form of exercise I enjoy at this point.
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    Ben, thanks so much for your donation and your comments here. I have a friend who also beat breast cancer twice, and she was given her five-year all-clear on the last one about ten years ago.

    I think bike riding is also the only form of exercise I enjoy as well. I'd probably like running too if I didn't get winded so soon. I tried gyms on many occasions, but gyms seriously depress me. (And I hate locker rooms. I don't care if other people see my junk, but I don't want other people's junk in my face!) My wife started to take up running recently, and I joined her on a practice run/walk and found that I like exercise in which I'm actually going somewhere. That's why I decided to get a bike a couple of years ago.

    (BTW, the censored word was "fat@ss.")
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