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Dave Hawksett
05-14-2018 at 06:51 AM
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New Feature added to Player Profiles

Dear All,

Some may have noticed a change to player profiles. Clicking on Activity in a profile now includes ‘Founded Tracks’, which shows all tracks founded by that member, including which ones are derivative.

Thanks to @admin staff for creating this new feature. We will continue to add to and improve the various ways people can interrogate our massive and growing database.
  1. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    That is Great
  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    sweet. people could always see my sweet sweet tracks, but now if they see one they like they can come to my profile and find them all. gotta give the people what they want ;)
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  3. sdwyer138's Avatar
    Can "Daybreak User ID (H1Z1 Pro League)" not be displayed? Unless that field is actually populated of course.
  4. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    Wow I've founded a bunch of crap Kappa
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