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Dave Hawksett
04-25-2019 at 05:21 AM
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Your Modern Gaming Rigs, Custom Jobs, Peripherarls

Personally I indulge in my gaming on a PC – it’s the same PC I use for work and is still pretty high-end despite being three years old. Things have come a long way since the days of the virtually indestructible Kempston Quickshot 2 joystick for the speccy and there is now an almost unimaginable variety of kit you can hang off a computer. (I think I have most of them).

With at least half a dozen usb hubs, my PC recently gave me a message it could not support any more junk connected to it! I had defeated my motherboard’s usb capacity. One extra usb controller card later and I am gradually approaching Bond villain territory for my desktop environment.

As a TG employee I do not want to be the first to mention any particular product as it could be misconstrued as a ‘plug’. However I just received delivery of a rather nifty item called a stream deck. It is incredible in its simplicity but also beautifully-designed. Is anyone else using one of these?

We devote a lot of time to retro hardware, and rightly so, but what are your favourite modern peripherals, custom jobs, gaming kit in general? I usually spend quite some time researching new gear, whether it’s a hotas joystick and throttle or an additional mini monitor just to stick discord on. It has occurred to me that Twin Galaxies should ultimately be a resource for this kind of research. There are great places on the web with reviews, guides etc. But here we have a multitude of passionate experts who will say exactly what they think on comparing the smallest details. Knowing what gear the record holders prefer would be quite a unique thing right?

I would be interested to know what people think. Is this something our wiki could be used for (amongst other things)?

But in the meantime – please show off your latest cutting-edge bling!

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  1. Lonnie's Avatar
    I was looking for a system that could play multiple games. I went with xarcade - then put switching boxes in for 2 versions of PlayStation , Game Cube and XBox
  2. datagod's Avatar

    I think this is a great idea Dave. The more articles the better.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    i dont have a lot of input since for pc, and heck gaming in general i think the playstation style controller -- i'll include xbox and pc f310 as same style, is the ultimate in controller evolution.

    However, i really wanna say yes, add this to the wiki. i know clutter is bad, but info is good. its my feeling the wiki is meant to have any useful info. so just discussing non-video game stuff wouldnt be appropriate, or even maybe not discussing an event -- unless that event has long term historical value

    in my view the wiki should have any info that could answer someone has. it shouldnt just have wall type posts, but yes, even small info might be big to someone else

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