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My gaming history goes back starting from when I was about 5...

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Platform Game Version Variation Scores/Time Verification Method Rank
Blade Master [World] Points 1,057,000 TGSAP 1 view
Double Dragon 1989 Points [Single Player Only] 533,480 TGSAP 1 view
Double Dragon 1989 Points [Single Player Only] Tournament Rules 174,390 TGSAP 1 view
NES Classic Edition
Double Dragon II: The Revenge NTSC - Points 97,110 TGSAP 1 view
Nintendo Game & Watch
Donkey Kong Jr. / Donkey Kong Junior Points 645 TGSAP 1 view
Double Dragon II - The Revenge [World] Points [Single Player Only] 93,950 TGSAP 2 view
Final Fight Points [Single Player] 2,009,570 TGSAP 3 view

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Posted At : 08-06-2019 at 02:32 AM.

TG Certificate update

Hey TG team,I ordered a certificate back on February 26th, It's been 5 months and I still haven't seen this certificate arrive yet. Can you please confirm if this has been sent, or if there's been some kind of problem processing the order? I'd presume if the order can't be fulfilled

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Posted At : 04-11-2019 at 02:27 AM.

Kill Screens: who has, on what games, and when?

Hey all,

as a relatively new member to the world of TG I've been meaning to ask - I'm interested to know who's been able to achieve a Kill screen, and on which games?

More than anything it'd be really great to hear about the process (by this i probably mean 'journey'

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Posted At : 02-02-2019 at 01:10 AM.

Moving recent scores to new tracks - Doable? Not doable?

Hi everyone, first time caller long time listener! Just a question on recent score submissions. Is it possible to get a score moved to a more appropriate track? One of my scores has been archived and I was wondering if it is possible to move it or if it's easier to submit a new score?


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