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05-07-2018 at 11:53 AM
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A score you voted has been canceled...

I’m confused on what to do when I get this notification, there’s an edit vote option that when you click on it you get taken back to the poll with only two options, yes or no, there’s no option to unvote; what am I suppose do? Change a yes to a no or change a no to a yes? I’ve got two notifications today for this and one was a no vote while the other was a yes
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  1. ivanstorm1973's Avatar
    Same dilemma here, more clarity would be helpful
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  2. Dave Hawksett's Avatar
    A cancelled submission migrates to 'rejected' after five days (glitches notwithstanding). This period plus the notification is to allow anyone who voted yes to switch their vote to no. It is not ideal but it prevents scenarios of adjudicators having wasted their time on submissions that are cancelled. We have been working on ways to reduce the number of cancelled submissions.
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  3. Max's Avatar
    To the OP's specific question, if you receive a cancellation notice that means you voted on the submission in question.

    If you voted yes originally to the sub, you should change your vote to no as it will be rejected as Dave mentions.

    If you voted no to the original sub, you don't need to change anything.

    Either way, the sub will be rejected, so voting no is the only way to go unless you have a desire to be super rebellious. :D
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  4. sdwyer138's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Max

    If you voted no to the original sub, you don't need to change anything.
    A month or two ago, I got the cancel notify for a few subs. I originally voted no, but the way it was presented made me think that I had to re-confirm my no vote. When I tried to do so, it just removed my vote altogether.

    Also it does not seem totally accurate to me to have something that is cancelled get eventually migrated to rejected. Rejected and cancelled are two different things.
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  5. Max's Avatar
    Good points. It's not currently the most intuitive presentation or resolution.
  6. Derek's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips y’all, will change votes to no :)
  7. Snowflake's Avatar
    short answer: as has already been covered, always vote no on cancelled, it'll be rejected, it doesnt really make sense, but i can explain

    Long answer: this does sort of make sense if you remember the history/evolution of cancel. There used to be no cancel feature. When a submitter acknowledge his/her mistake there was a thread in the general forums labeled "reject me please". The submitter would link his/her thread there. This would also help with controversial subissions if the submitter backed down, this way noone would lose cred as everyone knew the score should be rejected. Obviously, a very easy way to gain submission points/credibilty was just stalk the "reject me please" thread for easy votes. The word "abuse" would be a little strong but I think you can see it was problematic that people could get the points they needed just by waiting for someone to request a rejection. It wasnt a huge problem, plenty of people were still putting adjudication effort in, but it did get jace's attention. The cancel feature obsoelted the reject me please thread, and the thread was locked. Notice, that a canceled thread, new people cant get easy votes by just going through the cancel queue. Only people who alread put the time in and voted are allowed to keep/change their vote. This way the only people who get credit/points for the cancelled submission are those who were willing to put the time in before it was cancelled. A simple way to think of it is cancel = "submitter said please reject".
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  8. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sdwyer138
    Also it does not seem totally accurate to me to have something that is cancelled get eventually migrated to rejected. Rejected and cancelled are two different things.
    Agreed that cancelled and rejected are two different things. This was brought up, probably more than once, in previous posts. You can probably dig up the rationale of why the administration thought a cancel and reject are the same. I'll try to some up what I remember about how it was explained in a few "logic?" statements.

    A rejected submission is not a valid (approved) submission.
    A cancelled submission is not a valid (approved) submission.
    Therefore a rejected submission is the same as a cancelled submission.

    Of course, the flaw in that logic is assuming a submission needs to be in either one of two known states at the same time. Only if a submission is fully adjudicated is it known if it is a valid (approved) submission or a rejected submission. The value of the cancelled submission is unknown, since only through an adjudication process can that value be determined. Adjudication is a service that adds value to the submission by determining the submission state (approve or reject) or by transforming the submission state through the service.

    Analogy using the "the enemy of my enemy is a friend" logic.

    Steam is not Ice
    Steam is not Water
    Therefore Ice is the same as Water.

    YouTube research, I saw several video of guys jumping into frozen lakes. Its not the same as jumping into a water filled lake. Like physical states of matter, there is a clear distinction between transformative states of a submission. If you're still unsure, think about it over a tall glass of hot steam.
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