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01-13-2018 at 12:37 PM
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My thoughts on the cancellation of Settle It On the Screen.

You blew it Twin Galaxies. The last beacon of light has been snuffed out. You literally just got rid of the glue that held together all the good things about this site.

I've literally spent hours figuring out how to make a heartfelt post but I can't. You get raw emotions from me all the time, get used to it. This is how you get the real active community to become less active, you take away their reasons to be happy about this site and SIOTS was one damn good reason to be happy.

How many of you remember the first time their name was called on the show for one of your accomplishments? How many of you joined in on the show to be either interviewed or just to talk with the hosts? It was just pure joy wasn't it? That's what TG needs more right now than anything. Joy and positivity.

The outcry from the community should be heard. You should know you made a bad decision. I won't quit the site by any means because the scoreboard is unbiased but I can not promote a site that takes away what the community enjoyed and takes away what made TG a real entity towards the achievements of its user base.

Edit: I would like to mention I can not listen to that Green Day song anymore, it's way too emotional.
  1. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    Yes we liked SIOTS and recognize its community value and are sad that Twin Galaxies can not continue to just infinitely pay for its production.

    However the community should feel more than welcome to donate to the SIOTS team directly to cover their costs to keep them up and running! There is always that option.

    The people who make SIOTS can not do it for free. Like all things in production media, $$$ must come in some manner in order to sustain an ongoing program.

    For the last year, the $$$ to support the show has come from Twin Galaxies.

    Twin Galaxies would be happy to continue to broadcast the show if the team producing SIOTS wanted to continue it on their own without TG having to fund it - but unfortunately that was not a presented option.

    Just like everyone else in the community, TG appreciates the great job of the SIOTS team and looks forward their future accomplishments.
  2. GibGirl's Avatar
    I didn't/haven't watched the last show yet... how is TG involved in the end of Settle?
  3. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl
    I didn't/haven't watched the last show yet... how is TG involved in the end of Settle?
    Twin Galaxies financed SIOTS for an entire year. That part is ending, therefore the show can not continue further at this time.

    The team that makes SIOTS is more than welcome to continue producing the show through their own financial means if they choose to do so, and TG would be happy to continue to distribute it through its Facebook/Twitch channels in support.

    For now, the SIOTS team has decided to stop producing the show. We will see what the future holds.
  4. Snowflake's Avatar
    Totally makes sense that nothing is free. Crowd funding the show I think you'll find is impossible and I think recent comments in the dragster thread will show why. TG is severely lacking credibility in the gaming worlds eyes right now, not a lot of people are going to fund part of a system they lack faith it. For now, TG is going to have to fund its own promotional tools until it can restore its credibility enough that others are willing to fund it. If settle it needs donations, then sadly, TG is not the place for it and they'll have to focus on the speed run communities achievements instead of achievements here. The TG members who are willing to stand by TG even with the whole dragster debacle are not enough to fund anything. Credibility matters. Its like Jace said in the score dispute thread at the beginning of the dragster thing. This one is high stakes. I think we're seeing just how high stake it is. Please twin galaxies, consider the importance of reputation when dealing with dragster and other scores. If you care about money (which you should, we all do) then you need to become something that people are willing to donate to.
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