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07-03-2020 at 01:05 PM
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The power of words.

I think I'm going to take a step back and reflect on current situations. Giving what is going on locally here with restaurants closing one by one and I can't come here to forget about the issues in my town.

We are all stressed to the max and sometimes we don't realize what we are doing and how it can affect others even if it isn't aimed at them.

We are all humans (not JJT, not sorry) and we all have life bars we need to keep at full. Let's not forget that the one person in charge has a heart of gold and I don't want to be a reason why for anything negative in the future. Just take this time to reflect.

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    carry on.

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    i saw your old posts rage, i spent alot of time reading tg stuff. this guy, man his name is well picked. I particular enjoyed the "say it to my face" challenging rudy to meet you in person. And shockingly ,the king of "say it to my face" mr patterson himself was the one to step in and tell you guys to stop. you know you're raging out when papa patterson tells you no more wrasslin talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaGe

    carry on.

    This is why I respect you. These aren't words, they are actions!

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