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07-06-2020 at 08:06 AM
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When television doubled as furniture.

One of my customers gave me this bad boy yesterday since they knew I would take care of it. Looks like the 2600 needs to be played on now.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    my big one broke sometime back. i tried to see if i could give it away to a repair person or collector, nope, theres perfect conditoin ones being thrown out and given away for free. obviously that wontlast long till their all destoryed. anyone that wants a big screen (or a furniture piece like you have which the ship has largely sailed on, so lucky you) should get them while they still can. not just for yourselves, but for preservation and future generations

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    If you don't sit cross-legged on the floor, three feet away from it, you are doing it wrong.

  3. speedy47591's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco

    If you don't sit cross-legged on the floor, three feet away from it, you are doing it wrong.

    I can still remember my mom screaming at me "back up dammit, you're gonna ruin your eyes"
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  4. TB-303's Avatar

    wht Games u going 2 play

  5. Desidious's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by TB-303

    wht Games u going 2 play

    Whatever games I own that I can increase my submitted score for or haven't submitted to.

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  6. Pat Larocque's Avatar

    Perfect 2600 stand, even has the matching woodgrain!

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  7. datagod's Avatar

    I grew up with those. I see them from time to time but can't bring myself to get one. I have been keeping my eye out for Trinitrons and Series D sets (I have 8 so far).

    One of the most satisfying groups I have joined on facebook is the CRT collective:

    Great group of collectors who share their finds and advice on what to look for.

    Good find Brandon, thanks for sharing. Posts like these are what keep me here at Twin Galaxy.

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  8. Desidious's Avatar

    I've got three sizes of the Trinitron tvs but I use the biggest one. I also have a bigger tv like this one that is way older but doesn't work. I think I just have too many tvs in general.

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  9. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Not hijacking the thread, or really "look at me", just something I forgot to mention before(Actually, keeping the joke simple and to the point was the intent, didn't want to hijack my own self...).

    If a system has RF signal, I just almost feel obligated to play it on my "old TV"-it's not a floor model like yours, but it is a woodgrain-finished TV, pretty old school(it's only mostly reliable anymore, goes "green screen" on me some...).

    But to be clear, I wasn't actually joking, when I am recording 2600, my head is actually right next to the camera, I'm on the floor, three feet away, cross-legged on a pillow. I literaly can't play Atari any other way, tho i can sit on my couch and do the 16 bit racers just fine. Dunno why, mebbe stubbornly sticking to tradition.

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