10-24-2018 at 11:22 AM
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Wall Entry at 10-24-2018 07:21 PM pole position 2 records from twin galaxies shows jeff peters on 120 settings not 90 second settings . case dismissed

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  1. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Tsk tsk tsk...

  2. Fly's Avatar

    I was watching Jeff play so.e games a few months ago. He's still got it!


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  3. redelf's Avatar

    They might be under that setting but he is still to good to get that low of a score using those settings. I'm still convinced that the settings were wrong on the amount of time he gets rewarded per lap, 2 seconds per lap more than the correct settings. Eventually TG will realize this and the score will be removed but I would prefer to just take 2000 points for the 10 extra seconds of his score and keep it in the database. He didn't do anything illegal, just used the wrong settings back then or the settings were changed after his score was entered.

    It should be obvious to many now that there is more competition on the title and the score is only being pushed up by a slight margin but will never be able to come within 1000-1400 points of the score.

    When I get access to a PP2 cabinet again I'll provide new video evidence supporting either the fact that all scores were done on the wrong settings or just the Test Track. I currently don't have enough knowledge of the other tracks max scores at this time.

  4. DIRTMODIFIED4's Avatar

    It’s too bad there’s no tracks under the 120 second like Fuji or others . Those tracks need to be opened under factory settings too

  5. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    they have both versions of pole position at my arcade. i might need to play this one again.

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