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03-25-2015 at 08:28 PM
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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!: Mike Tyson TKO Blindfolded

More recently in the world of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, besides the controversy that has sprung up around it and the great accomplishment by Zach Allard to once again unite all the world record times under one player, is a whole new way to play: BLINDFOLDED!! The idea at first may make one wonder if these accomplishments are fake but I can tell you firsthand that it is real. The feat of defeating Mike Tyson blindfolded was first done by decision accomplished by a player by the name dtysonator back in June of 2014. More recently the game footage released by Jack Wedge gave us our first major public glimpse into this very interesting variation of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out by seeing the whole game completed blindfolded, first on the Wii system, and then on the original NES hardware.

Dtysonator's original accomplishments can be seen here:

First ever blindfolded win over Tyson by Decision:
First ever blindfolded Round 2 TKO win:
First ever blindfolded Round 3 KO:

Perhaps even more impressive was Dtysonator's 7 knockdowns of Tyson using game genie codes that stopped the clock forcing Tyson to remain in his one hit uppercut phase and another code to remove the 3 knockdown rule. He did all these one hit uppercuts blindfolded:

Jack Wedge's accomplishments can be seen here:

Wii emulator:
NES Hardware:

Growing up with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! I was personally excited to get back into the game once I improved as a gamer. Between the performances of Zallard and the blindfolded phenomenon I began to train up on the game by learning some of the more basic speedrun strategies that were contained in the tutorials of Sinister1. But then about a week ago I decided to do what very few people have done and take up the challenge to defeat Mike Tyson by TKO in the second round blindfolded. I personally designed the pattern that I used in round 2 which guarantees the TKO if it is performed correctly. During my run I was only hit 5 times and was never knocked down. I hit three variables during the pattern for round 2 but was able to make the proper adjustments to carry on. The first occurred at 1:19 during the second round where I delayed too long but still managed to hit Tyson for the frame perfect star. I knew that because this occurred that I would encounter two of his hooks prior to the 1:30 mark when he begins his flashing eyes routine instead of the usual one hook. The next occurred at 1:45 where instead of taking only 6 hits in the face he was willing to take up to 10. Because of this I had to delay slightly more than usual to wait for him to come out of the stun animation before he initiated the next uppercut. The second round was almost flawless until I did not delay as long as I should have on the first of his last two uppercuts of the fight. Another adjustment was needed here after getting hit and thankfully I was able to dodge and counter to finish the job. It is my desire that this will inspire more people to try it out and get into an incredible game.

Zallard's World Record Times:

Sinister1's Tutorials:

With a few days of practice behind me and a strong confidence that I was capable of the feat I became the third known person to achieve this accomplishment. Both dtysonator and Jack Wedge accomplished their goal first by decision but I was not interested in confronting Tyson with his round 3 randomness. I decided to go straight for the TKO during the second round for my first win!

Here is the stream of my attempts leading up to the accomplishment:

And here is my accomplishment w/ playlist!!
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