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05-05-2018 at 11:00 PM
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Berzerk no sound rule

Hi fellow humanoids!

There is this rule that bothers me (and not just me) that I think is not so relevant anymore . It's the one that says "Sound must be turned OFF for proper INP playback"
From what I understand,Berzerk inp-file was sensitive to sound and this WAS true in early versions of MAME (which nobody uses nowdays) There is no problem with version 106 or higher.
Playing Berzerk without sound takes away a lot of the fun.
So please,just add a line to this rule saying it's only relevant to pre-106 versions .
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  1. Doron's Avatar
    For some reason,part of this post is not viewable in night mode
  2. Barra's Avatar
    Thanks bringing this up. TG doesn’t allow anything pre-106 so this rule can be removed altogether
    @Dave Hawksett
  3. terencew's Avatar
    Cautionary caveat, not wanting to be unnecessarily nit-picky, nor to derail this thread, but when the ruling allowed all versions of WolfMAME, it was commonly assumed that we meant 0.106 or higher, since 0.106 was our platform when the ruling was changed.

    Note that there may be some justifiable exceptions, say where the game was removed from MAME support before 0.106.
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  4. Dave Hawksett's Avatar
    Thanks @Doron for bringing this up, and thanks @terencew for the caveat.

    Does anyone have any objections to having this rule removed?
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