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Platform Game Version Variation Scores/Time Verification Method Rank
FIFA 17 Fastest time to forfeit a match on FIFA 17 03:27.0 TGSAP 1 view
FIFA 16 Most goals scored with the goalkeeper 16 TGSAP 2 view

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Dvir Magen David
Posted At : 09-25-2019 at 11:27 AM.

Wall Entry at 09-25-2019 07:25 PM

Waiting for the official acceptance of TGSAP and GWR:
https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/210034Keep on voting and leave your comments.

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Dvir Magen David
Posted At : 09-22-2019 at 03:54 AM.

Wall Entry at 09-22-2019 11:54 AM

Hi I re-submit the score and you can watch it and vote if you want :)


Dvir Magen David
Posted At : 09-19-2019 at 01:28 AM.

Wall Entry at 09-19-2019 09:27 AM

Hello guys please take a look at my submission of GWR attempt here: please vote and leave your commentshttps://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/209851-GWR-FIFA-17-Fastest-time-to-forfeit-a-match-on-FIFA-17-03-29-78-Dvir-David

Dvir Magen David
Posted At : 09-16-2019 at 10:06 AM.

Wall Entry at 09-16-2019 06:06 PM

please take a look on my submission of GWR attempt

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Dvir Magen David
Posted At : 02-02-2018 at 03:34 AM.

Wall Entry at 02-02-2018 12:32 PM

how can I try to break a guinness world record in the tamplate that u use?

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