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03-25-2019 at 10:47 AM
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Depressing situation with a silver lining.

For those of you who don't keep up with me out of Twin Galaxies, I've been going through a tough time. Turns out I owe the government $1900 in taxes because of healthcare fines and other things I would rather not get into.

I had to make the decision to sell almost all the arcades I have accumulated over time and it has been taking a toll on my positive outlook (for what it's worth). I've felt like the government just didn't want me to have a dream.. at least I felt like that in the beginning.

Turns out the local gaming community is very supportive! A few folks that are buying my machines have offered to sell them back at the same price if I'm ever looking to get any back, mainly the Soul Edge that I'm wanting to get back.

The silver lining part? In my dealings, I'm selling to an arcade owner and also an amusement auction owner and seems like the arcade owner has a Fisherman's Bait pcb and controller and the amusement guy will help get it into a cabinet and that will help me get one of my grails for arcades!!

So yeah... I'm still keeping my two pins, my black hole is still coming soon and I also have a Surf Planet! I'm still keeping my thousands of videogames so all isn't lost. I'm slowly getting out of my funk and I'll take baby steps into submitting here since my emotions aren't completely under control. I'm delaying my dream in a sense and the future still has a lot in store for me. Game on folks!

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    They can't put you on a payment you wouldn't have to sell off your stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaGe

    They can't put you on a payment you wouldn't have to sell off your stuff?

    Of course! Expect a lot of interest though. I can't considering I'm remodeling and have too much on my plate payment wise. It is okay, I will find more machines and machines 100% complete in the future.

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