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05-27-2020 at 03:02 PM
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The 2007 fake Roy Shildt interview

I met Roy Schildt on a hot day in Los Angeles we sat at a make shift park to do our interview because he said that this is the only place that he is not noticed. I said Roy what do you mean a park is a public place and everyone goes here, Roy just said every one that he knows is in Hollywood and is a VIP in the movie industry. I asked Roy then if that is the case then if you don’t want to get noticed they why are you wearing a military costume. Roy responds well this is who I am; I am on a crusade to redeem my name. I said ok but why the costume, Roy responds did you salute me before we started talking, I think you better start to or this interview is over. So I changed the subject to his book thinking this would smooth things over between us because I was not about to salute a civilian man.

Last night, while poking around Internet Archive, I finally found something which had eluded me before: The referenced but never linked fake Roy Shildt interview by "Brice Richards" from April 2007.

For those who have never heard of this, I'll illustrate the setting. Starting in late 2006, "Mister Awesome" Roy Shildt had been promoting himself on the "All Games Interactive" podcast with hosts Scot Rubin, Lawrence Young, and Jessica Villarreal. AGI had given Shildt a platform to air his grievances with Twin Galaxies, and with Walter Day and Robert Mruczek specifically, over his vacated Missile Command score. This culminated most notably in a multi-hour mega-episode with Shildt, Mruczek, and Day all on the phone all at once, which went about as well as you'd expect. Subsequent appearances by Shildt turned attention toward a new movie called "King of Kong", which Shildt said would vindicate him and confirm to the world his view of Twin Galaxies.

Meanwhile, "King of Kong" had premiered at Slamdance in January 2007, and by April was just beginning its journey through the film festival circuit, well ahead of the DVD release that really put it on the map. But of course, the film was already making waves in the classic gaming community (more so than its less controversial contemporary, "Chasing Ghosts"). Questions were just starting to be raised about the accuracy of the events depicted in "King of Kong" and of the consistency of TG score adjudication. To that end, former TG head referee Robert Mruczek wrote a lengthy forum post explaining the situation with Steve Wiebe's 1.049m submission (seen at the end of the film), and why he (Mruczek) was not a proponent of the score's verification due to technical concerns with the way it was filmed.

The forum thread went about as you'd expect, with Mruczek, Walter Day, and a few other TG regulars going back and forth on the issues. That is, until page 4, when Walter Day pumps the breaks on.... well, "everything" apparently:

Everything has taken a new turn.

Please see this posting and then click over to the Blog titled: "My Interview with Roy Shildt."

Waiting for answer from Brice Richards before any further responses are considered.

What had Day so concerned was a entry from a "Brice Richards" (on a new account with only one post) claiming to be a loose transcript of an interview with Roy Shildt (name misspelled), ostensibly conducted in some public park and then faithfully transcribed. The post is linked below, and while I'll let much of it speak for itself, it was very obviously fake for a number of reasons. While the post does once reference the film "King of Kong", it would appear the prank had much less to do with the movie (which the author probably had not seen yet, given KoK's limited release by that point) and much more to do with Roy's appearances on All Games Interactive, with the author regurgitating many of the talking points and phrases from the show (including Roy shouting "LET ME FINISH").

It would seem the obvious farce was lost on Mr. Day, however, as one portion of this post was taken very seriously:

One particular issue being why he bought fellow gamer Steve Weibe the Donkey Kong boards. Roy responds,” I want to take down ALL OF BILLY MITCHELLS SCORE, like he had done to me, and if I have to cheat a little along the way, so what those dumb [butts] at Twin Galaxies will never know what hit them. Roy says Steve has such an innocent look to him who would suspect that he is cheating or that one of the boards that I mailed to him has been modified. I have slipped things past Twin Galaxies before and I still can that’s how stupid they are.

This section had Day not only announcing that "Everything has taken a turn", but going so far as to make a new post titled "Roy Shildt admits campaign against Twin Galaxies", highlighting the above quote, while adding the following commentary:

"These revelations are very far-reaching," says Walter Day, "because the entire plot of New Line Cinema's new movie, 'King of Kong,' is driven by the claims and actions of Shildt (and other players allied with him) in their portrayal of Twin Galaxies and Billy Mitchell in the movie."

"Furthermore," adds Day, "Shildt's admission of modified boards may require Twin Galaxies to re-examine all Donkey Kong submissions, even the most recent ones that have impacted the Donkey Kong World Championship."

However, people in the earlier thread started to point out problems with the post, including that Roy has never expressed the sort of racism the fake interview ascribes to him. It wasn't long before Walter Day pumps the breaks on his earlier pumping of the brakes:

This link has been removed until Brice Richards comes to the forefront and explains his interview. We have tried to contact the writer through many different avenues, but to no avail. It is understood that the interview may well be fabricated and can't be relied upon. t=60&sid=6d93af60a924989ceea25035b61caa48

Walter Day then went back and removed all direct links to this fake interview, making it difficult to find 13 years later. Worth noting is that this retraction did not result in TG's standalone post reiterating fake claims about Shildt ever being removed, as it still stands without context to this day.

One forum participant referenced the blog as having been on, under the username "royschildtawesomenothing". A lucky stab at looking for pages archived under "" finally brought this lost piece of TG history back to light. Read it for yourself here:
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