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10-09-2020 at 06:53 AM
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Newly revealed audio recordings reveal a plot by Billy Mitchell to falsify evidence

Oh boy, have we got some fun stuff for you all today!

Before we get to the real fireworks, very quickly I want to give a quick update to the lawsuit between Billy "Always Has a Plan" Mitchell and video gaming scorekeeper Twin Galaxies, which is still in progress. TG has publicly provided some but not all of the filings from this year's lawsuit. (It's only fair to assume there are legal considerations behind the choice to publish some and not others, although all are available from the court website behind a paywall.) Right now, the case is still in the anti-SLAPP stage, with TG's lawyers arguing the case should be thrown out via what's called an anti-SLAPP motion (a legal framework by which frivolous lawsuits that are strictly aimed at silencing protected speech can be tossed out of court), with Billy's lawyers obviously arguing that the case should proceed. With regard to the actual contested Donkey Kong scores, Billy's arguments ultimately boil down to (as a paraphrase) "We have a bunch of witnesses who say they saw Billy achieve those scores on real, unmodified hardware, therefore that's all the proof you need that arcade hardware can produce MAME signatures." (That's the five-cent version, but I'm just trying to blast through a quick summary here.)

Additionally, there are declarations back and forth arguing over the roles of three key individuals: Carlos Pineiro, Steve Kleisath, and David Race. Each of them attempted to defend Billy, later realized the truth, and thus Billy is now attempting to distance himself from their involvement. We'll get to David in a moment. Billy is trying to paint Carlos as some rando off the street, who was pressed into service in Billy's defense by Steve and by Billy's longtime tech friend, Rob Childs. The argument is that, if these other people brought Carlos on board, and if Rob opened up his shop to Carlos' testing of his own accord, and if Billy never directly involved Carlos in his defense, then Carlos' original technical conclusion that Billy's tapes could not have been produced by an authentic arcade PCB can just be totally dismissed. (I guess?) Of course, in order to distance Billy from Carlos, they've had to come up with a host of new stories around Carlos' appearance at Billy's defense panel at the Kong Off in Banning, CA, with it now devolving into arguments over who paid for Carlos' flight and who shared what hotel room at the event. (All of that is a story for another time.) Meanwhile, Billy's former friend Steve Kleisath has also been tossed aside, with Billy now claiming he and Kleisath "were not friends" (despite, you know, the two of them collaborating for years on "Retro Arcade Night" events and appearing together in videos and trading cards).

Oh, and Twin Galaxies has filed a "Motion for Undertaking". Basically, if this motion succeeds, Billy will have to effectively pay a monetary deposit, to be held by the court in the event TG prevails and is awarded legal fees. While there are rumors as to whether Billy's attorney is working on contingency or not, this could be the first time Billy will be expected to pony up serious cash to continue with this lawsuit. While the judge is at liberty to decide on a deposit amount, TG has requested an amount of $81,250.

The next hearing in this case is scheduled for October 15.

(What follows is some background on David Race's role in the score dispute. Please skip ahead to the next section if you just want to hear the new stuff.)


With all that out of the way, allow me to introduce to you a man by the name of David Race. David Race lives in Ohio. David Race currently holds the world record for fastest perfect Pac-Man (at just under 3.5 hours). And, being a world-class Pac-Man player, David Race was also a longtime friend of one Billy Mitchell... at least until the legal threats started flying.

I don't meant to pick on David too much, but I should summarize his involvement in the official dispute thus far. His first contributions to the dispute thread, under the name "The Christian Pac-Man", were a trio of comments on page 62 (on February 7, 2018, less than a week after the MAME evidence was published), reposting things he had written on his personal Facebook. David's position was that dispute participants had a long way to go before they had proven anything:

(Note that each of these images are snippets. Please follow the provided links to read the comments in their entirety.)

David began collaborating with Billy and Rob Childs to look into the matter, hoping to demonstrate the innocence of a man he considered his friend. This was simultaneous to Carlos Pineiro, who filled a similar role. To that end, David would sometimes post observations to the dispute thread, but would often opt for the relatively friendlier environment of his Facebook page. Some of David's observations would be either linked or copy-and-pasted to the official thread, where they had to be placed in order for TG to take them into consideration. Paramylodon probably described the situation best, on page 249:

David continued his research, investigating all sorts of things that an experienced tech might overlook, such as filming a Donkey Kong cocktail machine upside down. David would eventually return to the official dispute thread, with his final post before the official conclusion being on page 309 (on April 10, 2018, two days before the verdict):

I don't post these things to embarrass David, but rather to establish how firmly he was on Billy's side. It was very clear that he genuinely believed his friend, and that he was determined to prove his innocence through whatever technical means he could find.

David's work did not end when the dispute ended. In the summer of 2018, he continued his research, using a Two Bit Score converter with a Donkey Kong cabinet. David eventually provided a written assessment on the matter to Walter Day's International Video Game Hall of Fame in September of that year:

Interestingly, David's conclusion doesn't read that favorably toward Billy, but his defense team chose to include it in their September 2019 evidence packet anyway, because why not I guess:

The full assessment can be read starting on page 115 here:

For Billy's September 2019 evidence packet, David declined to submit a signed statement as many others did on Billy's behalf. Instead, David provided two exhibits, the first being an undated transcript of his interview with Josh Harmon of Electronic Gaming Monthly in advance of Josh's article published later in September (starting on page 120):

The final item from David was a brief Q&A he did with Billy's son, "Billy Junior", dated July 25, 2019, starting on page 125:

Again, this is all just to establish that, while he still had lingering questions, David was still firmly in defense of Billy, who he still considered a friend. These items were made public when Billy's legal threat was published by Twin Galaxies early in the morning of September 10, 2019.

The evidence packet brought all the evidence back into discussion. Particularly, Billy's team failed to address a rather major discovery made in the "offseason" since the dispute had closed, particularly that of a long lost MTV interview with Robert Mruczek showing off Billy's tape (girder finger and all) in January of 2006:

David was evidently unaware of this discovery until shortly after the evidence packet was published. (I'm shocked Billy didn't tell him about it!) And while his defense of his friend Billy had ultimately been misguided, David Race showed himself to be a man of character who could admit when he was wrong. On September 15, he posted a long message to Facebook, which was then relayed to the Twin Galaxies dispute thread and to Donkey Kong Forum by Steve Kleisath:

David continued to elaborate on how this discovery did indeed exonerate Billy's chief boogeyman, Dwayne Richard, offering what I believe has still been the only public apology Dwayne has received from anyone from Team Billy to this day:

David continued:

David went on to explain how what was once certainty from Rob Childs regarding the direct feed setup used for Billy's games has since turned into what-ifs and unknowns and deflections. David concludes his statement as follows:

In addition to the MTV interview revelation, David was also disturbed by a number of claims within the evidence packet surrounding Billy's 1999 Pac-Man score, a topic of particular interest to David. David immediately recognized that many of these claims, now being signed "under penalty of perjury", contradicted existing accounts regarding the event:

This led David to continue examining inconsistencies in Billy's various gaming stories, both with regard to Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, over the subsequent months.

Flash forward to summer of 2020. Twin Galaxies did not back down, Billy's legal threat did not succeed, and now the two were engaged in a full-blown lawsuit, with Billy as plaintiff and TG as the defendant. Rather than stand aside, David Race has now engaged the matter fully in support of Twin Galaxies and their original conclusion. On June 27, TG published a batch of legal filings, giving the public a view of what exactly was being argued in the lawsuit. Among those filings were two statements which were not actually submitted to court at that time, one by yours truly, and another by Mr. Race:

Meanwhile, David had long been in possession of a stretch of video taken at Billy's "Big Bang" presentation, including the only public showing of his 1.062m tape. During the dispute, David had withheld the full tape, feeling that it would be used unfairly against his friend, who he believed at the time to be innocent. But on July 3, 2020, having come around on the subject, David made the unedited footage available to all:

On Sept 14, 2020, David himself would eventually return to the official "post-dispute" forum thread (as the main thread is locked down now that the dispute is closed). David, now operating under his traditional online handle "ProveAll", posted a list of historical inconsistencies with Billy's claims and the permanent record, concluding:

And that brings us to current events.


Okay, so we've established that David went from being a firm Bill-iever, to a skeptic, to now understanding that, yes, these tapes really did not originate from authentic arcade hardware, and that, yes, a man he considered a friend really did lie to him. But what's this about a recording?

Well, David had mostly stayed out of the actual legal matters until relatively recently. In their Sept 22 motion for undertaking (the one about requesting that the court require Billy to fork over a deposit), TG's attorney added the following argument:

(Sorry, these full filings are not currently hosted anywhere but the court website at this time.)

This filing was accompanied with a declaration by David Race, this time formally submitted to the court:

David also included two copies of statements, prepared by Billy Junior, which David was asked to sign, but which he DID NOT sign:

Billy's response? Throw David under the Billy Bus, of course! Here's a snippet from Billy's lawyer's opposition to the undertaking motion, filed October 1:

Oh, but that's not all. Here's Billy in his own words, attempting to explain why a former member of Team Billy has now submitted testimony against him:

When I first read this, I could just hear David's head explode. Remember that, as established above, David had been actively contributing material TOWARD Billy's legal threats, up until he realized he had been lied to. David honestly tried to defend this guy! Apparently, this is what Billy does to people who no longer play his game.

Oh, and of course, yet again, Billy concludes with the obligatory "This person never represented me and I never solicited their help" routine:

Billy wasn't the only one to get in on the wild slander this time. Billy's son, "Billy Junior" (whose legal name is William Mitchell IV) also submitted a declaration, also echoing many of the same sentiments:

(Both also make sure to point out that David Race was never an "expert" on arcade tech, thus suggesting his analysis is dubious. That becomes relevant in a moment.)

And that, my friends, brings us to today's main course. New filings on Wednesday, October 7, include references to two previously unreleased audio recordings, provided by Mr. David Race.

First off, David supplies a new declaration, responding directly to many of the claims in Billy's and Billy Junior's declarations:

David concludes his new declaration with the following:

Yes, two recordings, one of a voice mail, and one of a segment of a phone call recorded with Billy on the line. David included transcripts as an exhibit to go with his declaration, but we don't need transcripts when we have the actual recordings!

Concurrent to David's declaration was a declaration by TG's lawyer, David Tashroudian, which included the following:

TG's way of submitting these recordings to the court was to upload them to Google Drive and provide direct links, which they have provided only to the court. (Of course the court, behind their website paywall, eventually makes all of these filings available to the public for a price.)

Let me spare you the bother of typing out these links. Here the first one for the voice mail:

(By the way, feel free to take the opportunity to save these.)

The voice mail is less than a minute, so I can include a full transcript here:

"David Race, it's Billy Mitchell. How're you doing, sir? I was talking to Chris Ayra. Naturally, we talk about you when we talk. I hadn't talked to you in a while. I hadn't talked to you since you've generously given so much effort on my behalf and, well, sometimes that hits me softer than others, harder than others, and I just wanted to call and say hi. I hope things are well with you. We, a small group of us, are going to be in Indianapolis next month, and I think of Indiana, I think of Ohio, and geez, they're not all that far apart and, gee, I think, I think, and I wonder if you might be available to come by and say hi. That's all. Alright, guy. The very best to you. I appreciate everything. I'll talk to you again. Bye."

Gosh, Billy seems rather appreciative of all the work David was doing to defend him. Kinda undercuts the whole "I had nothing to do with him, he was just out operating on his own accord" bit, huh?

But here's the real whammy! Here's this post's raison d'ętre. An 11-minute and 26-second segment from April 2018 where Billy discusses his Master Plan. I'll post the full transcript for this recording in the comments below, but honestly, this is way too good for the transcript. Sit back and listen to Billy in his own words:

Okay, before we even get to Billy's wacky hijinks, let's establish a few things. First, regarding the legality of these recordings, the opening "Okay, you ready?" makes it sound as though Billy understood that David was beginning a recording. (Although, it turns out, David lives in Ohio which is a "one-party" recording state, meaning that it's perfectly legal for him to record his own conversation with Billy even if Billy was not aware of it.) Billy also paraphrases Rob Childs as saying that since David "is not as technical" as others, he doesn't skip anything and thus finds things that other techs overlook, adding "He's certainly becoming an expert whether he likes it or not." And as for Carlos, Billy references having casual chats with Carlos, and even claims to have confided in Carlos his big "Top Secret" (which we will discuss shortly), undermining his claims that Carlos was some random nobody who had no real involvement with Billy or his defense.

But yes, apparently, during the active dispute, Billy had concocted a plan to falsify and misrepresent evidence, with the sole apparent goal of trying to discredit Twin Galaxies and dispute participants!

Basically, from the sound of it, Billy would play a 1,062,800 Donkey Kong score, and would record it twice. One recording would be a direct feed with no sound, attempting to make the tape appear as similar to his "direct feed" (MAME) tapes from yesteryear as possible. The other recording would be an over-the-shoulder camera with full confirmation, including filming the board and control panel. Billy would then have the direct feed tape sent to Jace by way of an unidentified third party in New Hampshire, hoping that it would be accepted by TG and dispute participants as the long lost Boomers tape. Billy, at least in his mind, would then sit back and watch as all his jealous haters would froth over this tape, pick it apart, and declare it was MAME like the other tapes. Then, once everyone has committed to this tape being MAME, Billy would reveal that the score was actually a brand new game hitting the same score, and he would publish the over-the-shoulder camera showing that it was, in fact, genuine arcade the whole time. And thus, Billy believes, TG and everyone in the dispute would be forever discredited.

There are so many hilarious elements to this. First of all, how could he possibly believe this plan would even succeed? The first thing people would do is look at screen transitions, see that they're arcade transitions (assuming Billy would actually play this game on a real DK board), and say "Okay, it's arcade." And if Billy didn't play genuine arcade, if he played on a multicade, his over-the-shoulder video would reflect that.

The second thing people would do is compare the tape to what footage we have of the tape played at Big Bang in 2010. And, of course, people would immediately say "Yeah, this isn't the Boomers game." In the recording, it's hilarious listening to David's consternation, as he tries to interject to point out this rather significant flaw in Billy's plan, which Billy simply fails to acknowledge.

I mean, I know I'm taking a risk straying from the facts of the case, but it feels like there's some serious projection going on here. "They're just jealous haters who don't care about the truth! They'll jump on any excuse they can find to attack and slander me." Okay? This from a guy who is now on the record bragging about upstaging his closest competitors by exactly 1,000 points, on tapes which the community has proven were not produced authentically as claimed. (Although, the actual total Billy upstaged Steve and Hank by was 1,100. Maybe Billy's memory is failing.)

Speaking of projection, hasn't Billy spent the last two and a half years accusing Dwayne Richard of basically this exact same thing (i.e., producing a tape and presenting it under false pretenses to see if they can slip it by Twin Galaxies)?

In fact, if you're in Billy's position, with your scores under serious dispute, why would you even put yourself on the record as being anywhere near a plan like this? You really want the headline to be "Newly revealed audio recordings reveal a plot by Billy Mitchell to falsify evidence"? Why would you directly play into the notion that you're a scammer who passes off fake tapes? Forget the MAME evidence. Why would Twin Galaxies have any reason to trust you after that? Why would anyone?

Thinking more about this, something else occurred to me. When Billy loses, he likes to simply declare victory anyway. When asked in an interview about losing the lawsuit against Regular Show, he just suggested the case wasn't necessarily done yet. Billy freely spins the truth into convenient narratives (such as that he hit his contested scores "exactly on the head" when he failed to do so, or that his critics disappear when Billy scores a million when they actually don't). If Billy had gone through with this stunt, the obvious result would be that dispute participants, who had become well-versed in identifying MAME recordings from genuine arcade due to a host of signatures particular to one variant or the other, would have sussed out which platform his mystery tape was played on, and also would have proven that it was definitely not the long lost Boomers tape. But that wouldn't have stopped Billy from simply declaring victory, yet again. I could see him conducting this caper, annoying everyone in the dispute who would have seen right through it, but then simply turning around and declaring to the world that he had successfully put one over on his "haters" who, he would claim, all took the bait and all discredited themselves.

And that brings me to what might be the most hilarious part of this whole plot. In that recording, he seems quite confident that he's going to match his old score in no time, doesn't he? Billy likes to say he got this score so effortlessly in 2010 (at least until that story becomes inconvenient, and then suddenly extra undisclosed days of practice and attempts get tacked on in later retellings). In reality, it took Billy two years of Twitch streaming to surpass this score, which was achieved on a score pace he still has yet to match. It seems this whole wacky escapade was foiled by nothing more than Billy's own inability to redo a score he wanted us to believe he could do any time he wanted.

But really, who knows what goes on in that guy's head. Maybe his next argument will be the "April Fools defense".

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    Here's the transcript of the longer recording, as copied directly from David Race's declaration. Note, I haven't yet had time to check this transcript against the audio, and I don't wish to be misunderstood as presenting it as accurate of my own authority. I'm just copying it directly from the court filing for the convenience of anyone who can't listen to the audio:


    Billy: Okay, you ready?

    David: Yeah, sure.

    Billy: Okay, this will shock you. This won't shock you at all-

    David: [chuckles]

    Billy: - but I don't read, really, anything that goes online. I learn about it from other
    people. People send me screenshots, they talk to me, they lose their lunch, they yell,
    cuss, swear about-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: - different individuals.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And Rob was talking to me about you today. Not that he doesn't all the time,
    he does.

    David: [chuckles]

    Billy: Carlos does, others. Um, let me tell you some of what they said just in humor.
    They go, "Well, he's not as--" I think this was Rob. "Well, he's not as technical as
    Carlos." And I go, "Yeah." "But the thing is, because he's not as technical, he doesn't
    skip anything. Carlos will skip certain stones and he says, "Oh, I don't think there's
    nothing under there." He said, "David will unturn every stone, ones that would've
    been skipped, and find a nugget.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And I said, "Oh." And he says, "And he's certainly becoming an expert whether
    he likes it or not."


    Billy: So, um, and let's just say Rob says that all that you're finding and all that
    you're doing, all that you're uncovering, all that you're, um, discovering and making
    happen is probably a thorn in Jace's side-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: - because it makes him think and think and rethink. Because, you know, I just--
    I could be wrong, and, uh, believe me, I sure hope I'm wrong, but Jace seems the
    kind of person, to me, and I mean, I've met a lot of people like this, I can't ever
    imagine him saying to anybody, I don't mean you, and on any subject, "Oh, you're
    right. I was wrong."

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: "Oh, wow. I-I learned something here. Oh, I made a mistake." Um, "Oh," um,
    "that's not what I thought. Oh, I didn't realize it." Some people-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: - don't backtrack at all. They think they got all the answers. And he-he comes
    across that way.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And-and he said to me in the very beginning, in the very beginning, like on day
    one, he goes, "This is not gonna be complicated." He says, "Only MAME loads like
    MAME. It is impossible," that was his word, impossible.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And it wasn't impossible, "It was impossible for anything to load like MAME
    except MAME." And he said, "Only Arcade loads like Arcade. It is impossible for
    anything to load like Arcade than Arcade." I go, "Good, uh, this can be a short
    subject then."

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: Now he says- if I understand correctly, now he says, "This was like an Arcade
    load. But this one looks like a MAME load. Oh, I don't know. Oh, I'm in between."

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And, um, I haven't had a conversation with him recently, but I will. And the fact
    that the MAME people are people that say they're experts on MAME or even people
    that helped develop it, say, "If it was MAME, it would be crisp and clean 100% every
    single time. Nothing could alter it."

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And, um, anyway, I wanna let you in on a secret of what I plan to do. And then-

    David: Okay.

    Billy: - I'll ask you- I'll tell you how you can help me. The only one who would know
    this is Carlos, um, I don't think I even told Rob 'cause he just left on vacation, and I'll
    tell Eric, and there'll be you.

    David: Okay.

    Billy: Um, see, yesterday, I played and I was so disappointed. I actually didn't get
    angry like I normally would.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: I played and I got 563,000 on my-

    David: Yup.

    Billy: - first death.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And I mean, it was-- And I mean, I was cruising with plenty of points. It was

    David: Mm-hmm.

    Billy: I was gonna get a million- 1,062,800. And like sometimes happens, you lose
    your first guy for no dumb reason, and then the wheels come off of the whole game.
    And sometimes, that doesn't happen, but it did happen. So my point is whether it's
    tomorrow, whether it's the next day, whether it's the next day, I'm gonna- I'm gonna
    do it, and I'm gonna hit it, and I'm gonna hit it right on the head and leave it there.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And so, what happens here is, um, um, I have a- I have a-a webcam in the
    front like everybody else in the world does.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: Uh, I get up there, somebody gave me advice, I put my thumb up in the
    camera, Billy Mitchell's thumbs up-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: and I'd say, "Let's verify our machine," and I shut the machine off and on so
    you see the test pattern pop up.

    David: Yup.

    Billy: And I- and I play the game.

    David: Yup.

    Billy: And at the end, I'll unlock the control panel and flip it so I don't get caught in
    the world of, you know, Wes Copeland and all those people.

    David: [chuckles]

    Billy: Um, but-but what I plan on doing is it's also being recorded out the back.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: The direct feed is hooked up. And what I plan on doing, and this is top secret-

    David: Yup.

    Billy: - I plan on doing it, I'm gonna take the tape and I'm gonna have it sent to Jace
    Hall. When I say, "have it sent," I'm gonna have it sent to New Hampshire which is
    where I think it last was. I'm gonna FedEx it to New Hampshire and somebody in
    New Hampshire is gonna FedEx it to Jace. Just like the Dwayne’s tapes suddenly
    showed up at Jace's doorstep,-

    David: Yes.

    Billy: -this tape will suddenly show up and, um, and the news will be, "We found the
    1,062,000 tape." And it's nothing except the silent tape. There's not my voice, my
    face, nothing. Just like the others.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And I want them, I want Jace to look at it, put it online, I think he will, and many
    people, maybe Jace too, are gonna pick it apart, how rotten it is, how evil it is, how
    MAME it is, how corrupt it is, this and that. "Oh, my God. A third tape to prove Billy
    Mitchell SOB and all that. Okay? I hope Jace says it because it'll destroy his

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: Okay? Then once it's out there, I will send the exact same one from the wide
    webcam and I'll put it on the internet. And everybody that was an idiot is gonna
    absolutely be caught on the carpet. I mean, absolutely shamed. I mean, so many
    people are gonna be mad at me. Oh well, the truth will come out.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: I think- I think this might eliminate things with me and Jace permanently, which
    I don't care. He needs me more than I need him, really.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And, um, and so, I-I'm sure I could hit 1,062,800 on the head.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And when I- when I hit it on the head, that's gonna be, um, super cool and I'm
    just gonna, um-- See, when I got 1,062,000, I could've went higher. I stopped it there
    because it was 1,000 points higher than what Hank had.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And then-- And just like a short bit later, like nothing, man. I- The ink wasn't
    even dry in the book, Steve Wiebe got 1,064,000 but it wasn't all that significant
    anyway. But my point is, I'm gonna do that. Um, the game with the webcam will say,
    um, you know, I got it down. I'd say, um, "We're here at Arcade [unintelligible
    00:07:25] at ft Lauderdale Florida."

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: "It is- it is Monday, um, April 2nd, 2018. I'm here- I'm here to play 117 boards
    of Donkey Kong. A kill screen on demand here now. Watch the screen," a feat I first
    achieved in July 1982 with history's first ever Donkey Kong kill screen.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: My question for you youngsters who have joined the Donkey Kong community
    July 1982, were you even alive-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: Just my way of stickin it to them - and I'll say, "This is a special game, a very
    targeted game. This game is meant to sting and it will more than one way." And
    that's what I'm gonna say. But it's at that point that I turn on the VCR and I hit "Play".
    The VCR, the tape, that Jace initially has has none of that. It has the play from the
    start to the end, nothing.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: Nothing colorful, nothing. And I-I think-- I'm sure that people are just gonna find
    a way, "Oh, look at this. Oh, look at that." And-and then at the exact same gameplay,
    out with the webcam, I mean it's just gonna be [unintelligible 00:08:33] I mean--

    David: Okay.

    Billy: I, uh, Jace-- And I hope Jace bans me for being a son of a *****. I don't know.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: But anyway, um, that's what I plan on doing.

    David: I would just say- I would just say the b-- I mean, you do know that there are
    clips of your 1,062,800 out there, right?

    Billy: Right, but what will happen is, people will pick it apart first.

    David: Like what--

    Billy: They have all kinds of stuff to say. And then, I'll put out the webcam. I'm not
    gonna tell Jace. Supposedly, it's gonna show up on Jace's doorstep-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: - from an anonymous source.

    David: Sure.

    Billy: And so, I'll- I'll actually declare that eventually, I'll say, "Yeah, uh, you know,
    uh--" I'll- I'll say, "Yeah, I did send it. I sent it before I put this one online." I mean, I'll
    tell him. I'll even tell people I did exactly that because I knew you people would get
    up there and make all kinds of accusations that ain't true. The clips that are out there
    are like clips off the TV. Eventually, somebody will get up there and match up the TV

    David: Yep.

    Billy: -and those scores with the others,-

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: -and say that it's not correct. Okay?

    David: Yes. Yeah.

    Billy: But, um, I could--

    David: Well, the vast majority of it would be the gameplay that no one has ever seen
    before. That's the thing. The first couple hours or whatever.
    Billy: Right. Yeah. Now-now, I was told that Jace says there's not enough of the
    1,062,000 to make any judgement.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: So, I don't think people will say or have said or in the past, "Oh, the 1,062,000
    is all corrupt, but those certainly said about this tape simply because they have
    enough tape.

    David: Oh yeah.

    Billy: Um, you know, I don't know, you can give me some advice on that. I send it to
    Jace, Jace gets it, he has it, and then somebody- should somebody, I mean,
    somebody anonymous, who's not traceable, say I found the tape, I sent it to Jace,
    but here it is to put online, you know what I mean, [unintelligible 00:10:29].

    David: Honestly, honestly, if you were to do something like that, whoever's gonna be
    sending it, I want to have, I want to, first of all, I want to produce any comments that,
    where they can say that you lied about-- somebody lied about something. If it's going
    to be anonymous-

    Billy: [unintelligible 00:10:41] put it out there then.

    David: - then it'll just be, I mean, you can send it with a PO box address or
    something that, you know, someone can't find or whatever, cause any-- technically
    any parcel that's sent, uh, has to have a return address on it. But you don't have to
    say anything about it. It just has to say Billy Mitchell.

    Billy: No, you're right. You're right. You could say, uh, direct feed copy, direct feed
    copy of a million 62800, nothing else, nothing.

    David: Yeah. You don't have to put a date or anything, it's just like, [unintelligible

    Billy: But then, but then, Right, but then when the web cam comes out, then I'm
    there, I'm talking. I'm saying, I'm announcing the tape, everything.

    David: Yeah.

    Billy: And you put two and two together.
    [00:11:27] [END OF AUDIO]

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  3. WCopeland's Avatar

    "Billy: And at the end, I'll unlock the control panel and flip it so I don't get caught in the world of, you know, Wes Copeland and all those people."

    "All those people" would include both players on the leaderboard currently above me who also do not use stock jump buttons. The fixation on my jump button is just the most bizarre thing.

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    you're good with research, something i looked up before but didnt save is when "bias" matters. i'll explain

    I noticed on twin galaxies alot the defense to any accusation is "you're biased against me" when thats techncially true in a way, of course the accuser is upset about the thing leading to the accusation. but think of the idea that anyone who accuess you has a problem with you and is therefore biased and therefore the accusation can be thrown out

    can you imagine court "your honor hes claiming he witnessed me commiting unspeakable acts, for him to believe i did such bad things must mean he doesnt like me and since he doesnt like me hes biased so throw his testimony out". with courts around forever, i figured this old tg mindset -- while effectvie in forums -- has probably been tried out in court centuries ago and dealt with.

    you also, if you're losing your case, cant say "hey judge your ugly and your wife is a ****, or yeah and the jury is all really stupid. well now that i've insulted you all you're all biased against me so i cant get a fair trial and demand a mistrial".

    the solution, which makes sense, was to put into words what we all know. "bias" from ouside the case -- financial competitors, enemies for a different reason, anything unrelated to the case is true bias. "bias" from within the case -- a piece of evidece leads you to have a negative feeling about the person doesnt count.

    what we're dealing with here is, david caught billy lying about the case itself, got upset over that evidence, the anger can be described as "bias" but pretty sure its the type of bias that courts long ago ruled "nice try buddy those semantics dont work here".

    I know i stumbled upon the answer when looking up how judges can be impeached but i'm not able to refind it. do you know what i'm talking about? can you point to anything of substance explaining how "bias" works as far as the law is concerned

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    After reading through this, I am fully convinced that the "Billy Mitchell" I ran into on YouTube was the real one. He certainly projected himself onto me, and he told me that I act like I knew all the answers, alongside a few deflections quoted in the general evidence article. I tried (and admittedly messed up) to hint at the video regarding Dwayne's innocence and he took it as me conveniently withholding information. Again, look at him: saying he has the evidence to exonerate him but fails to produce it. I wasn't going to humor his feigning ignorance the same way Carlos had to over his unwanted involvement. He deleted his comments on my thread, but I saved them anyway just in case he did so.

    I know he commented on vanBuren's video on him, as well as Leonard French's second covering when Guinness reinstated his scores. He was mainly going around calling people "knuckleheads" and that "they don't know all the facts". If I had to guess his pattern, he really only comments on videos that seem to support him and fight people there. The Lawful Masses video did point out a few issues with TG after all.

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    I pulled a long night writing this, and the next morning I saw some mistakes that were just killing me, so I did one edit. Most were simple typos, a few changes in word choice ("personal Facebook" instead of "private Facebook"). But I did rewrite the portion that leads into David looking into Billy's Pac-Man claims to more accurately reflect that, in addition to learning about the MTV interview, he also attributed his change of heart to the statements in the Sept 2019 evidence packet regarding the 1999 Pac-Man score which contradict the established record of events. Sadly, I can't change the title without changing the URL and possibly breaking links. I mean, "revealed" and "reveal" in the same headline? WTF was I thinking?

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    i believe you can change the title without changing url which is good because it solves the problem you're concerned about but is bad cause of course it makes the url kinda of awkward.

    consider the article that incorrectly refered to my asteroids run as space invaders in the title, they later changed the title to be correct, but the url remains the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    i believe you can change the title without changing url which is good because it solves the problem you're concerned about but is bad cause of course it makes the url kinda of awkward.

    consider the article that incorrectly refered to my asteroids run as space invaders in the title, they later changed the title to be correct, but the url remains the same

    Ah, thank you for the heads-up! At this point, I'll just live with it, and next time try to catch that before I post (or before I share links). If nothing else, the already existing links with the old URL would reveal my shame.

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