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06-10-2021 at 04:00 AM
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More info on the Apollo Legend / Billy Mitchell settlement

UPDATE: The following piece concerns evidence pointing toward the existence of a financial payment as part of the legal settlement between Billy Mitchell and the late Apollo Legend. While I still believe it was correct to conclude the likeliness of such a settlement based on the evidence available at the time, an update was recently offered by YouTuber Karl Jobst, tacked onto the end of his video on Dark Souls no-hit runs (at 28:20):

In this update, Karl clarifies that he has since spoken to a family member of Apollo's who has read the actual settlement. This family member's words are as follows:

From what I could tell by reading the settlement agreement, there was not any money transferred.

Again, until now, no credible counter-claim had been made. Weighing this against the evidence presented below, I personally am inclined to believe the word of Apollo's family member that there was no such financial payment. However it is fair to point out that we still do not have public access to the actual settlement document itself, thus some may still consider this an open question. (This also relates to the question posed of whether Billy would settle such a suit without receiving any consideration in return, financial or otherwise. We still don't know what the actual full terms of the settlement were.)

For accountability's sake, I have chosen to leave the remainder of this piece as it was originally presented for reference, adding only this note and one in-line note.

Thank you for reading!

There has been a lot of speculation and discussion lately around Apollo Legend's legal settlement with disgraced video game cheater Billy Mitchell last year. A public claim has been made, by multiple parties, in multiple venues, that part of this settlement included, what I think would be fair to characterize as "a significant financial settlement" (my words). I have been among the people making this claim, when the topic has come up, as it has since even before Apollo's tragic death.

However, recently the claim of a financial settlement has been disputed, with Billy emphatically waving what looks to be a curled-up blank sheet of paper while asserting "This paper will prove everything I am telling you, but no, I will not show you." (That's a paraphrase, of course.) Thus, requests have been made to know the basis for the claim of a financial settlement in the first place. This post aims to address those requests, to the extent that I am able.

For legal reasons, I must make clear that I don't speak for anyone but myself on this matter. I don't necessarily know how any other given person who made or repeated the claim came about their information. I am posting this for the benefit of the public, who I believe has a right to know which of the dueling parties they should believe.


This is the easiest question to answer, but since some people may be out of the loop, it's worth doing a quick recap. On May 26, Karl Jobst published a video, providing an update to various lawsuits filed by both Billy Mitchell and Todd "Quit calling me Todd Togers" Togers:

The relevant statement (at about 16:40) is as follows:

I haven't spoken about this publicly but this lawsuit ultimately ended with Apollo giving in and settling with Mitchell. He was forced to remove all of his videos about Mitchell's cheating, and paid him a large sum of money.

This was followed, days later, by a video response by Billy Mitchell. In the video, Billy makes thinly veiled allusions to his intention to take Karl to court over his video, while making a giant spectacle of his litigation against others, as any normal person does:

The relevant statement (at about 1:40) is as follows:

These claims and that story are demonstrably false. They are a total lie. Regardless of anyone's opinion of me or my dispute with Apollo, let there be no confusion: Apollo never paid me any money, I never paid Apollo any money, there was no financial transaction between Apollo and myself, ever. Apollo never even paid any legal fees of any kind. It is impossible for this tale that Jobst has told you to be true, because Apollo never paid a dime in the first place.

Billy has now followed through with a formal legal threat to Karl over his video, claiming that various statements are defamatory. (Billy Mitchell accusing someone of lying. That's rich!) Out of what appeared to be an abundance of caution, Karl temporarily removed the relevant section from his video, while making clear he does not consider it "wrong":

However, the video has since been restored in full.

The reason no sincere effort had been made to publicly validate the claim of a financial settlement until now was because nobody was particularly contesting it. Those of us who have followed this situation closely had reason to believe it was true, and no reason to think it wasn't. And of course, the fact that it's now a key element in what is shaping up to be a significant court battle between Billy Mitchell and Karl Jobst makes it a matter that needs to be resolved.


Before I begin in earnest, let me address something important: "Apollo Legend" was a real person. He had real family, real friends, and real loved ones. While most of us knew him as an online personality, they knew him as Benjamin. To emphasize the person behind the persona, I have chosen to refer to him as Benjamin for the remainder of this post.

One thing I was surprised to see, since Karl's video went up, was that many people had not even heard of Benjamin's passing at all. To them, Benjamin was a content creator, and as far as they knew, he had just stopped making videos. It's very easy, when researching a story, or keeping up regularly with social media, to take certain events and circumstances for granted. And thus it's easy to make what you think is a passing reference to something everyone knows, which you did not anticipate would be the moment someone learned something important to them, perhaps even something emotionally impactful.

Obviously what happened in the end, with Benjamin's suicide, was an immense tragedy, felt mostly by those closest to him. I briefly communicated with him a few times on various matters related to gaming disputes (prior to his settlement with Billy, of course), but I am in no position whatsoever to speak for his actual friends and loved ones on the impact Benjamin's personal turmoil and death has had on them, nor will I try to do so. To that topic, Benjamin's mother recently posted an update to his final GoFundMe, thanking the community for their love and support:

Who I am is not important, but I have taken an interest in the Billy Mitchell score dispute, starting not long after the MAME evidence was published in February 2018. I try to keep up to date on the current events, and discussions around those events. This includes staying on top of various related stories, one of which was Benjamin's passing. One sentiment I've heard from a number of people, especially since these videos have gone up, could be best summarized as follows:

"Just let the man rest in peace."

Please know that I do hear you, and I understand this sentiment. You're definitely not wrong. To a certain extent, I agree. Whatever Benjamin did or did not do to whom at what times really isn't important now, at least as far as his life's story is concerned.

That said, I also still believe Karl was correct to acknowledge Benjamin's situation in his video. It would have been very, very strange for him to list all the frivolous lawsuits Billy Mitchell has filed in an attempt to harass and stress out several of his critics without at all mentioning the one where the guy ended up taking his own life a few months later. The subject was unavoidable. And in discussing the topic, Karl stuck to the facts, without assigning blame. If the facts lead people to conclude that Billy Mitchell is a terrible person, frankly, that's on Billy. I personally do not blame Billy for Benjamin's suicide, because I believe that's something that should only be done when it's like 1000%. As sad as the situation is, the only person truly responsible for Benjamin's suicide is Benjamin. He picked a fight he was not prepared to follow through on. And I don't believe Karl assigns that blame either. But I also cannot deny that - and I hope to be sufficiently delicate with my words here - if somebody did want to assign such blame, there are facts which they could point to in an attempt to make such a case. In his video, Billy himself provides a new such piece of evidence, in the form of a private message from Benjamin to Billy's friend:

The lawsuit has definitely raised my stress levels but I have a lot else going on.

The ultimate concern from people, as I see it, is that they see Benjamin and his death becoming sort of a football to be kicked around, in a struggle between various adversaries. I'll leave it to you, the reader, to decide if that's what has happened here, and if so, who (if anyone) is at fault for that. And to whatever extent I may have contributed to that, I apologize. While I hope we can soon arrive at the day when we can stop speculating into Benjamin's personal business, certain claims now seem to be headed to the courtroom, and thus they must be addressed, lest any unreasonable parties with no moral unease about speaking on behalf of the dead dominate the narrative in an attempt to defame others for reporting the truth.

With all of that out of the way, let's get to the meat of today's post.


Before we get to the evidence, it's important to establish a timeline of events. Some of these items may seem irrelevant, but this will all make sense in a moment:

- September 9, 2019 - Billy issues a legal threat and evidence packet to Twin Galaxies and to Guinness, demanding reinstatement of his scores.

- November 7, 2019 - Arcade gamer Dwayne Richard publishes a YouTube video, in which he casually references a rumor he'd heard that Guinness had decided to reinstate Billy's scores. The video is no longer public, but a response video by a YouTuber named Tipster remains:

- December 2019 - This is the time frame during when Billy claims he was notified by Guinness that his scores would be reinstated. The claim was made during a now-deleted video, which I discussed here:

- February 14, 2020 - Billy files a defamation suit against Benjamin "pro se" (representing himself), in Broward County, Florida. Requested damages are $1 million. Benjamin is not served at this time.

- May 4, 2020 - Benjamin announces via YouTube post that Billy is suing him for $1 million. Later the same month, Benjamin uploads a series of videos on the subject, titled "Angry Cheater Sues Me For $1,000,000", "Billy Mitchell Will Be Sued", and "Billy Mitchell Won't Be Sued (For Now)".

- June 15, 2020 - Billy files an extension, and brings on an actual attorney.

- June 18, 2020 - Guinness World Records announces they will restore all of Billy Mitchell's scores (including the cheated ones).

- On or about June 30, 2020 - Benjamin is, reportedly, officially served with Billy's lawsuit.

- July 4, 2020 - Benjamin chats with a friend of Billy's in an attempt to settle the lawsuit (as seen in Billy's video).

- August 22, 2020 - Benjamin announces that he has reached a settlement with Billy Mitchell. The publicly stated terms of this agreement are that Billy is given ownership of Benjamin's videos about him, enabling Billy to take them down if reuploaded by others. (Benjamin also removed unrelated videos, including his Todd Togers ones.) Benjamin also indicated a possible non-disclosure element to their agreement as well:

Billy and I agree it is in our best interest to make a deal and move on so that's what we are doing. I will no longer discuss this topic either publicly or privately. If you ask, I will just send you this post.


To be clear up front, we do not have the actual printed terms of Benjamin's settlement with Billy Mitchell. But what we do have is a basis for an informed conclusion. I've broken down the different bases for believing there was a cash settlement between Benjamin and Billy Mitchell into three categories: Public sources, confidential sources, and common sense.

There are two key pieces of publicly available evidence. The first comes by way of a Twitter user who goes by the name "Concert Cruizer". (Note: Genuinely, please DO NOT go after anyone I mention here today. I am only discussing these people because it is necessary to illustrate the individuals behind the evidence.) I don't know much about this person, other than that they (like Billy) live in Southern Florida. Their angle on Twitter seems to be (paraphrasing) "I used to be part of the anti-Billy crowd, but they had no answers to my questions, and Billy did, therefore I've come around to Billy's side":

I have occasionally engaged this person on Twitter. These important questions are actually deflections to other parties, which still fail to address the mountain of evidence collected against Billy specifically in the actual Twin Galaxies dispute thread:

That said, Concert Cruizer has been quite helpful in a number of ways. One of those ways was on July 31, 2020, when he posted the following tweet:

(You may want to save that tweet, as there's a good chance it disappears soon.)

CC's own text is not important. However, he posted a screenshot he took of a YouTube comment from an individual known as Casey Ross:

Casey Ross (sometimes "Casey Catalyst" or "Uncanny Casey") is a playwright from Indiana, who took an interest in Billy Mitchell and his story around the time of the 2018 score dispute:

Casey wrote and produced an entire stage production expressing her take on the high score drama. You can watch her play here, if for some god-forsaken reason you wanted to:

Notably, this play was produced with the involvement of Billy Mitchell, and others in Billy's circle (including Walter Day). Casey ingratiated herself into the circle enough that Billy still uses her artwork as his YouTube avatar. Heck, here is Casey, right alongside Billy as he finished a Twitch-streamed Donkey Kong score of 1,047,500 (the one he claims recreated his contested score of 1,047,200 "exactly on the head"):

Through all this, we can establish two things: Casey was very much in a position to know about things such as Billy's settlement with Benjamin, and she did in fact know of it, based on that Concert Cruizer tweet dated July 31 (almost a month before Benjamin announced the settlement himself on August 22). Casey must have realized her mistake, as the comment suffered an edit, before I was able to see it for myself. Here's how it appears today:


At this point, you're right to ask "Wait a second though, that thing from Casey doesn't say anything about a financial settlement!" And you're correct. The point is that the U.S.S. Billy is kiiiiind of a leaky ship. I don't mean to pick on Casey exclusively. She may have been caught in the act, but she is hardly the only one. It seems a lot of Billy's closest compatriots are only too happy to spill those beans, even in a wide open public forum.

This brings us to a Reddit user by the name of mio456. I couldn't tell you who this person is, nor could I tell you that they are connected to Billy's social circle in any way. Their short user history does indicate at least some interest in Billy and his case:

I was the author of the original post in question, and as usual, I paid especial interest in the comments below. I want to keep up on what people are sayin', after all. It turns out, mio456 did have some interesting things to say, as we can see on Removeddit:

I managed to screenshot the first of these on regular Reddit. I never caught the other one before they were both deleted that same day:

Yes, you can go to that link and see those remarks for yourself. These were posted on July 30, 2020. So even a day before the Concert Cruizer tweet, and still almost a month prior to the official announcement of Benjamin's settlement.

It's certainly possible this was just some troll. Someone did come to me with a reaction of "WTF is this guy talking about?" And I had to explain reports claiming that Benjamin had reached out to settle with Billy, but that those reports were unconfirmed. (More on that below.) It's also possible this person is not directly affiliated with Team Billy, but saw some public remark somewhere, similar to Uncanny Casey's YouTube comment, but which I was not aware of, and simply repeated what they had seen reported by others. Or it's possible they really are in the larger Billy circle, and didn't know this was supposed to be a secret. There's also a chance, judging by their phrasing, that they got their information from Benjamin's end (although Benjamin's remarks could have been relayed through Billy).

But that second comment does seem very on-the-nose, does it not? Aside from the past tense, of course, which could easily be explained by miscommunication. It seemed very random and dubious at a time when a settlement was unthinkable, when Benjamin's emphatic words to his community were "I will not give him a single penny. I will not delete a single video." And yet, here we are. These statements, quickly deleted by the user (while their other comments on the same post remain), seem much more plausible now, in retrospect.


The sources seen above would probably not be enough to report the claim of a financial settlement as fact. However, some of us were given other indications, which I will illustrate to the extent that I can.

I am often asked by people how anyone could possibly still believe Billy. (This is usually before looking at Billy's Twitter, discovering they are somehow randomly blocked despite never interacting with him or mentioning him once ever, pulling it up in incognito mode, and seeing Billy's disturbed echo chamber in action.) But the truth is, Billy does still have a circle of supporters, most of whom are classic arcade gamers themselves. Some are wooed by his charm and confidence. Some know he's a con, and are in on the con themselves. Some believe that since they have not seen the evidence and do not understand it, it therefore must not exist. Some have simply known him for a long time, and cannot fathom that he has lied to them all these years. Some are financially dependent on their relationship with him. And some are just toxic people who enjoy "owning the libs" or some such. (I don't know what it is about playing games like Donkey Kong that drives people insane, but it seems to work.)

Importantly, these classic arcade gamers talk to other classic arcade gamers, who talk to other classic arcade gamers, with the circle broadening to the many, many people who are not particularly big fans of Billy at the moment. And some of these gamers and gaming-adjacent people talk to me. I can say that I personally have heard behind-the-scenes details from multiple channels, and even through those channels, I suspect there are yet more things I am not told out of these parties' own assurances of confidentiality to others (as I, in turn, respect the confidentiality of my sources).

As an example, I was privately told by one such source that Billy had intentions of suing Benjamin as early as the summer of 2019, with the only apparent hang-up at the time being his focus on suing Twin Galaxies for his score removal first and foremost. (And I still believed at the time that all the lawsuit talk was hot air.)

This brings us to another individual in Billy's gaming circle, who I will refer to as "Sam". I did not speak to Sam directly, and I cannot speak to their motivation. But Sam made certain claims at certain times, which were then relayed through others to me. Note that the dates listed below are the dates I was made aware of these claims, and not retroactive reporting.

The claims Sam made are as follows:

1) Sam claimed, on or before October 2019, that Guinness had agreed to reinstate Billy Mitchell. It was not clear at the time whether this meant a partial reinstatement, or the full reinstatement he eventually got. Not only was this prior to the December 2019 time frame Billy claims he was formally notified by Guinness of his reinstatement, it was even prior to Dwayne Richard's acknowledgment of a rumor of such a reinstatement.

This Guinness reinstatement seemed especially far-fetched. Why would they entertain some crazed litigant at all? Surely, that would just invite more lawsuits from other gaming cheaters who want their scores reinstated as well. (*cough*) And it's not as if Billy could exhaust Guinness' resources. They probably budget for defending from a certain number of these frivolous lawsuits every year. And of course, it made no sense whatsoever in the face of the mountain of evidence of Billy's guilt, which was publicly accessible and which only continued to grow.

2) Sam claimed, in July 2020, that Benjamin had reached out to Billy to arrange a settlement. (Note that this was before the aforementioned public references, but after the Discord message between Benjamin and Billy's friend.) While it's easy to take Benjamin's settlement for granted now, this too seemed just as unlikely at the time.

Regarding our friend mio456, an eagle-eyed observer might have noticed I replied to the first of those comments in which mio claimed there was a financial settlement:

To be clear, I had heard of this confidential report of a settlement as I wrote that. But again, the whole thing seemed unlikely. Benjamin was previously very insistent that he would fight this. He had already shown the ability to raise significant funds through a GoFundMe (although those were intended for a counter-suit, and not for legal defense exactly). And, not knowing about his mental health issues, I had no reason to doubt his resolve. Plus, the anti-Billy videos were still live on his channel, indicating no settlement had been reached. The court website also reflected no settlement. Thus, I responded to the claim as follows, sticking to the facts as I knew them:

I don't know specifically whether there's been a settlement in the Apollo case or not (the public records do not reflect one), but I would point out that all of Apollo's major Billy videos are all still up on YouTube, including "The Greatest Hoax in Gaming History" and "Angry Cheater Sues Me For $1,000,000".

3) Around the same time that Sam claimed Benjamin had reached out to Billy to arrange a settlement, Sam claimed there was a significant financial element to the finalized agreement. Meaning, yes, Benjamin paid Billy to settle the legal matter.

I did not believe these first two claims coming from Sam at the time I had heard them. And yet, here we are:

- Sam claimed Guinness was reinstating Billy.

- Guinness reinstated Billy.

- Sam claimed Benjamin sought a settlement with Billy.

- Benjamin sought a settlement with Billy.

- Sam claimed Benjamin paid a significant amount of money as part of the settlement.

From that point on, I had no doubt that there was indeed a financial settlement. This was the strongest indication, aside from what I would call plain old common sense.


Billy Mitchell was no fan of Benjamin. In Karl's video, you see screenshots of text conversations between Billy and his former technician friend, Carlos Pineiro, wherein Billy expresses amusement upon hearing a rumor that Benjamin had passed away, without even stopping to ask how Benjamin had supposedly died:

(To be clear, this was a rumor around March of 2018, over two and a half years before Benjamin's eventual suicide.)

Frankly, it strains credulity to think Billy entered into a settlement of a million dollar defamation lawsuit with someone he had previously despised that much, without taking any financial compensation whatsoever. At the very absolute minimum, surely he would have collected compensation for his attorney's legal fees, rather than being left holding the bill.

In my research into the Billy Mitchell case in the last three years, I have noticed that Billy seems to be especially set off by people making money off his existence without cutting him in on it. A classic example is his parodies by Cartoon Network, and by the movie Pixels. The former did not pay Billy, and thus Billy took them to court (and lost). The latter did pay Billy, and brought him on for publicity, and thus no lawsuits. It's already hard to believe that any million dollar lawsuit by anyone was settled without money changing hands. With Billy in particular, it's downright impossible to believe, not without some serious proof. (Of course, Billy claims to have the proof, but no, he will not show you.)

And sure, the situation might look poorly for Billy in retrospect. If you knew someone was genuinely suicidal, you would certainly treat them differently than you would have otherwise. But that does not mean Billy would have expected this outcome at that time.


Given the evidence, I can only come to three possible conclusions:

1) There was indeed a significant financial settlement between Benjamin and Billy, and Billy is lying;

2) There was indeed a significant financial settlement between Benjamin and Billy, and Billy is using deceptive language to avoid technically telling a lie (such as saying no money was "paid" when money was still owed at the time of Benjamin's death);

3) There was a concerted effort by Billy and/or those close to him to spread false information that there was a financial settlement when there was not.

To point #1, yes, Billy will unflinchingly lie. He will look you in your eyes, tell you bald-faced falsehoods, while claiming whatever bogus proof he can get away with. If you want to see a sample of his many, many lies over his gaming career, please check out my compilation of the evidence against Billy's Donkey Kong scores, recently re-posted to Twin Galaxies:

If it is true that there was a financial settlement and that Billy is lying, it's not as if anyone is going to correct him. Benjamin's family probably want nothing to do with Billy, and are likely not interested in exposing themselves to a potential court battle over this nonsense. It's entirely possible that there was a confidentiality element to this agreement, which Billy may or may not be violating by making the claims he's made. But again, who exactly would correct him?

To point #2, yes, there was a clarification on Billy's Twitter that money was not owed. However, Billy does not run his own Twitter, and might sincerely argue in court that social media statements were not from him. As an example, in a 2019 interview with the After 2 Beers podcast, at 72:10, the host tried to ask Billy about something he said on Twitter. Without even listening to the claim, Billy interrupted the host to say:

I don't think I mentioned it on Twitter, but someone else did.

Point #3 is perhaps the most interesting possibility. However, even if this were the case, this would not be cause for legal action. By comparison, if Billy Mitchell said, with a sense of sincerity, "Yes, I fucked a goat while dressed up like Raggedy Andy," and if I then subsequently reported that Billy Mitchell fucked a goat while dressed up like Raggedy Andy, I would not liable for defamation, even if the claim ultimately turned out to be false.

This has raised a question as to whether Billy and his people deliberately spread this story around, hoping that somebody would take the bait and report on it - "Billy Mitchell has a plan" and so on.

As someone who has spent three years researching this case front and back, who has gone through Billy's 150+ page evidence packet from September 2019, and who has gone through the many, many court filings and declarations, it has become very clear that, in many respects, he and his people have no idea what they're doing. As I said on Twitter last year:

But even if this was the intention, and if we, along with many others in these social circles, indeed "took the bait", it would still not be defamation. All we need is to have sincere reason to believe the claim was true. For my part, I would not have ever repeated it if I did not genuinely believe it to be true. This is demonstrated by my earlier Reddit comment, made at a time when I was still skeptical of the veracity of the rumor I had heard.


To be clear, I make no claims as to whether the evidence I presented today is exhaustive. But at the same time, I am not suggesting there is more. I am asking that you draw your own conclusion based on the evidence presented here (as well as evidence provided by others), which you should weigh against any credible claims that there was no such financial settlement, of which I am currently aware of none. [NOTE: Again, as described in the update, I am now aware of one credible counter-claim.]

Notably, the claim that this settlement was a causal factor in Benjamin's later suicide (which Karl did not make, but which Billy appears to base his argument around) need not rely on the existence of a monetary payment at all. In addition to the obvious stress connected to such a lawsuit, Benjamin's revenue from YouTube took a significant hit after the announcement of his settlement with Billy, going from 1-3 million views a month down to about 500k.

Again, there are many things one can point to as contributing factors in Benjamin's eventual decision to end his own life, including (to be frank) his own poor choices. I have no interest whatsoever in attributing blame to anyone over this tragedy. But if Billy Mitchell wishes to take anyone to court over simply stating these facts, I expect he would have a lot of work to do in proving the mere claim of a financial settlement is somehow defamatory.

But hopefully, for the sake of those who knew Benjamin as more than a character, this matter is soon dropped, and we can discontinue discussing this sad chapter in the Billy cheating saga altogether.


I'd like to conclude with an update on Karl's GoFundMe announced in his video. As I type this, Karl has raised over $53,000 for legal defense funds for various victims of Billy Mitchell's harassment lawsuits. These defendants include Jeff Harrist (owner of Donkey Kong Forum), Jeremy Young (moderator at DKF who published the MAME evidence), and David Race (former supporter of Billy, who eventually discovered he had been lied to all along).

Karl recently posted an update, explaining that he removed his name as a beneficiary of the fund. In his words, "I have received expressions of support by other means." For those who missed it, "Notch", the wealthy creator of Minecraft, publicly declared his intention to cover Karl's legal fees. This means the raised funds can go exclusively to those others who need it:

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH EVERYONE WHO HAS DONATED!! I was left speechless at the sight of a $4,000 (AUD) anonymous donation in the days after Karl's video, so you can guess my reaction days later when it was topped with a $13,000 donation. But Karl would not have met his goal without all the countless $5-$20 donations from so many of you. While I don't claim to speak for anyone else, I think it's safe to say the people being targeted by Billy's vindictive attacks are immensely appreciate of the community's support. If you haven't yet donated, please consider pitching in whatever amount you are able to. (Also, who knows, maybe I'm next on Billy's **** list!)

And of course, please consider also making a donation to Benjamin's final GoFundMe, to help his family reach his goal for them:

Thank you!!



- A source from Billy's circle stated publicly that "Apollo Legend", a.k.a. Benjamin, had reached out to settle with Billy, almost a month before it was announced publicly.

- Another source, of unstated identity, claimed on a public forum to be familiar with the settlement, indicating that Benjamin had paid out "a sizable settlement". This, too, was almost a month prior to the public announcement of the settlement. The language used seems to accurately reflect the situation, in retrospect.

- A confidential source had accurately predicted both the Guinness reinstatement of Billy, and the settlement by Benjamin, both of which seemed highly unlikely at the time. This source also claimed there was a significant financial payment as part of this settlement.

- Common sense says Billy would not have walked away without at the very absolute minimum collecting legal fees.

- Billy will claim otherwise, but he is a proven and unrepentant liar in many matters, and you should not trust a word he says.

  1. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    The problem is that despite how frivolous they are, none of his lawsuits are being dismissed. He knows how to wield the legal system like a weapon.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i beleive we can replace "none" with "one" is dismissed. I didnt pay to view court records myself, but there was been a screenshot from credible people going around that his florida lawsuit (not to be confused with the california one) against tg has been dismissed

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  3. ersatz_cats's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    i beleive we can replace "none" with "one" is dismissed. I didnt pay to view court records myself, but there was been a screenshot from credible people going around that his florida lawsuit (not to be confused with the california one) against tg has been dismissed

    I can confirm, Billy's suit against TG in Florida was recently dismissed. (Note: This is different from the major suit against TG in California, which has lawyers and like a thousand pages of legal docs total. That case is currently on appeal of the anti-SLAPP motion. The Florida one was pro se, and not seriously followed up on. Yes, Billy sued TG in two jurisdictions at the same time over the same thing.)

    The court docs in Los Angeles county are behind a paywall, but the stuff in Broward county is actually free. Just go to the court clerk site, case search for last name Mitchell, first name William, in the relevant dates, and you'll find it all.

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  4. RedDawn's Avatar

    I would note that, to my knowledge, everyone else Billy sued he demanded money from. He demanded $151,500 from Jobst.
    Whats the odds he demanded a financial settlement from everyone EXCEPT Apollo, whom he had a particular distaste for?

    And even if in the extremely long shot that Billy didnt demand money from Apollo, Apollo still would have had to come up with lawyer fee's, which are not cheap.

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  5. freeko's Avatar

    A court case can be dismissed for many reasons. Lack of venue or jurisdiction is a very common cause.

    I am not sure if settlements are a matter of court records, but from a technicality standpoint a settlement can cause a case to otherwise be dismissed from a court as well.

    Just to not have any blowback, I speak from a vantage point of entertainment purposes only. Nothing I say should be construed as actual legal advice. Verify all facts for yourself or seek competent professionals who might be able to do so on your behalf.

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  6. datagod's Avatar

    No matter what happens with all of these lawsuits I have to admit one thing. I really like Casey's song the king of kong. There's just something catchy about it. Would love to see that turned into a high production music video.

  7. wwdkong's Avatar

    link available?

  8. Streetwize's Avatar

    I can confirm the lawsuit was dismissed as well. It stated pending, but the public database appears to be behind last I checked. Within the case itself is a document stating that there was a notice in March about a lack of prosecution, and a hearing would be scheduled in two months from then. It has passed, and a disposition is logged to dismiss without prejudice.

    I also took the time to read over the lawsuit against David Race. Amidst the laughable description of the call he recorded (unveiling his next high score in a way to draw media attention), I want to point out the hypocrisy in saying that people against Mitchell seek only confirmation bias. Mitchell himself is constantly influenced by confirmation bias himself. Trying to suggest that Race admitted what he did was illegal is changing the context of his message. I sincerely cannot believe that an attorney would simply file without looking at other states' laws when suing someone in another state. Regardless, more proof of being blinded by confirmation bias is the monitor specs he submitted to the court. "I see 60hz, that must mean the game doesn't run at 60.6hz. I don't know what that ± 5hz means so it must be irrelevant."

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    Does anyone know why Carl changed his mind and edited the previously removed part back into the video?


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  10. Snowflake's Avatar

    i wasnt even aware it was put back in, thx

  11. Streetwize's Avatar

    I just watched over the video and Ben's section is mostly cut out still. Karl does talk about him, but all the details that many consider speculation remain omitted.

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