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09-06-2018 at 03:17 AM
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Arcade gaming in Tokyo

Just got back from 10 days in Tokyo and had some time to visit a few arcades. Arcade gaming is alive and well in Japan.

Kawasaki Warehouse Building, this place is done up to look like something from Bladerunner:

Kawasaki Warehouse Entrance:

Street Fighter 1 with pneumatic buttons at Kawasaki - doubt there are many of these in the wild that still work and less you can actually play:

The Darius corner at Kawasaki:

Outrun and Space Harrier at Kawasaki:

Rows and rows of candy cabinets at Kawasaki, it's great that they have signs on the machines detailing the dip switch settings too:

High scoring is serious business at Kawasaki arcade, check out this shmups area. Every cabinet is set up with JAMMA switchers running multiple PCBs, a PC for doing direct video capture and headphone jacks so you can plug in your own. Watching random guys casually 1CCing games with scores that would be records here:

Competitive Street Fighter is alive and well too, I saw a few places with ranbat setups. This SSF2X setup was in Akibahara in an arcade called "Hey" what is awesome about this setup is the monitors for spectators and the games are set for 10¥ per credit (about 10 cents!) to promote competition:

SFIV ranbat setup in a Taito arcade in Shinjuku, these guys had a 3rd Strike and SSF2X setup too:

Akihabara is awesome for shopping, where else can you walk into a shop and buy arcade PCBs, BEEP had shelves of them like this:

All up we went to about a dozen arcades, Hyper Street Fighter 2 is the most common Street Fighter game along with 3rd Strike:

Great trip, if you're into 90's arcade gaming Tokyo is awesome!

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  1. Marc's Avatar

    I need to get to Japan at some point... Thanks for this post, it motivates me even more to start planning a trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc

    I need to get to Japan at some point... Thanks for this post, it motivates me even more to start planning a trip.

    I've been back at work for two weeks and I'm ready to go back. Take me with you :)

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