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The Evolution Of Community & Competition In 10 Years Of Galaga

Former Twin Galaxies Galaga World Record holder Phil Day goes into detail on how competitive Galaga has evolved since his record in 2009 and what the future holds for Galaga scores and competition.

The Art Of The Arcade & The Values Of Video Game Preservation

Some effort has been spent on recognizing games as an art for preservation, but is it enough? We look at the efforts of MoMA and the Smithsonian and speak to arcade and classic gaming experts about their values in protecting history.

Live Threats - The Pressures Of Score Chasing And Tournament Play

Guest writer and former Galaga Tournament World Record Holder Phil Day examines current attempts at records for the classic Pole Position and how competitions like the Donkey Kong Kong Offs could spice up any retro competitive scene.

The Challenge Of Marathon Galaga & A 15,999,990 Point Elephant

Can the enormous World Record for Marathon Galaga be toppled? Guest Writer and former Galaga Tournament World Record Holder Phil Day believes not only will it happen, but it will happen this year.

On The Impact Of Armando Gonzalez's World Record Galaga Run

Guest writer and previous Galaga Tournament World Record Holder Phil Day shares an informed breakdown of what Armando Gonzalez's recent Galaga World Record means for the competitive scene of the game.

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