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Fortnite Frozen Legends Bundle Launching December 24

The Fortnite Frozen Legends pack is going to launch on Christmas Eve, featuring three winter versions of existing skins; Frozen Raven, Frozen Red Knight, and Frozen Love Ranger.

Giant Candy Cane Fortnite Locations - 14 Days Of Fortnite Day 2

For the second day of the 14 Days of Fortnite promotion, players need to visit two giant candy canes on the Fortnite map. Here is where you can find all of the Fortnite giant candy canes.

Where To Find The Secret Battle Star For Snowfall Fortnite Week 3 Season 7

There's another secret battle star to find when you complete all of the Fortnite Week 3 challenges for Season 7, and we know exactly where it is.

Where To Search Between Three Ski Lodges In Fortnite Week 3 Challenges Season 7

The Fortnite challenges for Season 7 Week 3 have players searching between three ski lodges to find a battle star treasure. Here is the location between three ski lodges you need to go to.

Shiny Totodile Features In January Pokemon Go Community Day

The Pokemon Go January Community Day features Totodile, the second generation Water-type starter that evolves into Feraligatr.

Islands Of Nyne Battle Royale Goes Free-To-Play As Developer Shuts Down

The sci-fi battle royale game was in Steam Early Access for six months, but has now gone free-to-play as the developers are shutting down.

How To Watch Ninja's New Year's Stream 2018

Ninja is hosting a New Year's Eve stream live from Times Square, New York. We've got all the details on when it's happening and how to watch it.

14 Days Of Fortnite Challenges Leaked Early

The Fortnite challenges for the 14 Days of Fortnite event have been leaked early, so players already know what to expect every day to earn the rewards.

Hearthstone Card Nerfs Introduced In Balance Patch Today

Wild Growth, Saronite Chain Gang, Nourish, Leeching Poison, and Level Up! have all been nerfed in the latest Hearthstone balance patch that goes live today.

FUTMAS FIFA 19 SBC Schedule Predicted And Explained

We're in the midst of FUTMAS right now in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, and someone has discovered the secret to predicting which players will be featured in the daily FUTMAS SBCs.

Fallout 76 Lunchboxes Sound Suspiciously Like Loot Boxes

Before Fallout 76 was released, Bethesda claimed that the game wouldn't see loot boxes introduced in any fashion, and that the only microtransactions would be cosmetic. It looks like that's not the case anymore.

Fortnite's Polar Peak Is Melting, Ice King Castle Is Open

The iceberg that crashed into the Fortnite island at the start of Season 7 has started to melt, revealing the Ice King's castle.

Fortnite Christmas Skins Leaked In Latest 7.10 Patch

Today's Fortnite patch has once again brought a series of leaked skins to light, and there's two new Christmas themed skins, along with two alternate versions of existing skins to celebrate the festive period.

Fortnite 7.10 Patch Notes: 14 Days Of Fortnite, Plane Nerfs

In the latest Fortnite patch, there's a new limited time event called 14 Days of Fortnite, along with some heavy nerfs to the Stormwing X-4 plane.

Sony Leaks Way To Find Out Total Player Count For All Games

The recent "My PS4 Life" personalised videos contain some information that makes it possible to find out the lifetime player count for almost all PS4 games.

Fortnite Driftboard Coming To Battle Royale Tomorrow

Another vehicle is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale with the Driftboard, a single player vehicle that can boost past players.

Lego Worlds Community Manager Creates Incredible Lego Fallout Trailer

Lego Fallout is a crossover we never expect to happen, but this gameplay trailer made by the Lego Worlds community manager shows what the game could look like.

Fortnite Exploit To Fly Planes Under The Map Discovered By Liquid Chap

A new bug has been discovered by Liquid Chap, that allows players to easily fly planes underneath the Fortnite map.

Hytale Is Essentially Minecraft 2, Beta Signups Open Now

There's no release date for Hytale yet, but you can sign up for the Hytale beta right now and find out more about the game.

PlanetSide Arena Is A New Battle Royale Title From H1Z1 Devs

Daybreak, the developers behind H1Z1, are working on a new battle royale game set in the PlanetSide universe that can have 1000-player matches.

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