Jason Bennett
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During the 1980s, some kids went to summer camp; Jason spent his summers in arcades. Since then, Jason works to preserve old historical documents by day, and preserve (and play) retro games by night.

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Niftski is a Different Kind of Keyboard Warrior

A Q&A Session with the Speedrun champ of Super Mario Bros.

With Super Mario Bros., Where There's a Frame, There's a Way

April Achievements in Review: In pursuit of the fastest time to complete Super Mario Bros., Niftski breaks the elusive 4:55 barrier and shows the gaming world that Nintendo's plucky mascot isn't ready to slow down

When Rick Fothergill Made History Twice Over

Twenty three years after a Canadian arcade game player submitted his Ms. Pac-Man world record to Twin Galaxies and helped launch a new era of competition, the recording of his history-making game is now available for public viewing for the first time.

Taming the High Score on Taito's Zoo Keeper

Bryan Wagner captures a MAME world record but he isn't ready to turn in his animal catching net just yet

Twin Galaxies at 40 - Tim McVey Day, January 28 1984

When an 8-bit snake and a billion points led to an epic record and a longer nap

Twin Galaxies Welcomes Arcade1up, Streams Games on Twitch

High score competition among Arcade1up owners arrives at TG, as well as Twitch streams of TG world record games!

Tony Temple Celebrates 40 Years of Missile Command

Release of his new book Missile Commander marks the latest achievement in gamer's storied career

John McCurdy Reclaims His Donkey Kong Crown

This July will mark 40 years since Nintendo released an arcade game featuring a carpenter named Jumpman, and McCurdy is kicking things off with style.

Return to the Supercade

Twenty years after showing us how video games are intertwined with our lives, Van Burnham prepares a long-anticipated sequel to her path-breaking book

8 Bit Weapon Is Your Gaming Life Soundtrack

Chiptune duo Michelle and Seth Sternberger delve into their catalogue for a musical antidote during trying times

Dan Yamnitz is in the Pole Position

After claiming an unprecedented four world records on Namco's classic arcade sequel, he's looking for his next checkered flag

Galagathon Aims for the Ultimate High Score for Kids

Galaga gamers unite for an 11 day celebration of the iconic Namco space-themed shooter to raise funds for children's hospital charity

With the Kong League, It's On Like Donkey Kong

For Tanner Fokkens, Duke Nickolas, and JP Buergers, High Scores Are Only the Beginning

Steve Wiebe Has A New Kill Screen Coming Up

The Former King of Kong Breaks the 1.1 Million Point Barrier on Donkey Kong and Stakes His Claim

Robbie Lakeman Climbs His Way to a Donkey Kong Record

Competition heats up again on Nintendo's arcade classic

Andrew Barrow Claims $5K Bounty on Castle Kong

Following the reward for achieving the game's first kill screen, additional prizes for highest score to be claimed on September 5, 2020

Greg Sakundiak Makes 40 Years A Perfect Pac-Man Moment

Thirteen years of determination leads to a perfect score on the 40th anniversary of Namco's iconic title

Matt Sales Is The New MAME Gaming League Champion

Fifty eight gamers from around the globe competed during the first MGL tournament of the year.

The Second Act of Steve Wiebe

Ten years after last entering the record books for top score on Nintendo's Donkey Kong, Steve is ready to turn the page.

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