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During the 1980s, some kids went to summer camp; Jason spent his summers in arcades. Since then, Jason works to preserve old historical documents by day, and preserve (and play) retro games by night.

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Donald Hayes Clinches World Championship of Esports Title

Becomes first competitor to win all four MGL tournaments of the season

Donald Hayes Wins MGLLII With 11 Scores In The Top 6

The 2nd MGL of the 2022 season has now been completed, 51 gamers played in this very difficult competition

In memory of Jeff Harrist: The Return of Donkey Kong Forum

After the tragic passing of its founder, the DKF community rallied to carry on his legacy

Patrick Stanley Repeats as World Champion of eSports

History is made with an unprecedented back-to-back victory

Gamers Gear Up for Yolo 2022

Event organizer Evan Mcgahey is ready to kick off the New Year with the first tournament of the season

Capcom Pro Tour Recap: Asia Southeast 1 and Brazil

Street Fighters Oswald and Robinho are both heading to next year's Capcom Cup

The Man Who Helped Change Tetris by Playing Track & Field

How veteran gamer Hector 'Fly' Rodriguez shared his arcade "secrets" and inspired a new generation of Tetris players

Daigo Seizes His Chance at Capcom Pro Tour Japan 3 Qualifier

With his victory, he will be competing at the Capcom Cup VIII with a prize pool of $200,000

Rikemansbarnet Is Heading to Capcom Cup VIII

Sweden's best Street Fighter V player prevails in Capcom Pro Tour Nordic/Baltic region qualifier

The Tetris Community Crowns A New Silver Champion

After being seeded 96th, Supamines finds vindication in a dazzling finals

On Donkey Kong Junior, Phil Tudose Breaks Through

After watching a 7 year old record fall last year, the 1.5 million point barrier on the Nintendo arcade classic was next

In Honoring Jonas Neubauer, It's Game On

After the sudden passing of the Tetris great, Rampage world champion RedDawn looks to Neubauer's competitive legacy in offering bounties for new records

E3 2021 Round-up - Nintendo Builds on Switch Momentum

After another big year with the Switch, Nintendo unveils its upcoming software roster

E3 2021 Round-up - The Beat Goes On

Ubisoft and Square Enix set up a year of music-based gaming with their forthcoming titles

The Ballad of the Pac-Man King

In the summer of 1982, Rick Mori was on a quest to become an original Pac-Man champion. Then he helped launch the career of Pac-Man "Super Kid" Jeffrey Yee before the two met in the ultimate split-screen showdown.

The Spy Hunter Who Came in from the Cold

After 20 years, Timothy Kinkead was on a mission to learn the secrets of his favorite arcade game. Along the way, he decoded a 35 year old world record.

Niftski is a Different Kind of Keyboard Warrior

A Q&A Session with the Speedrun champ of Super Mario Bros.

With Super Mario Bros., Where There's a Frame, There's a Way

April Achievements in Review: In pursuit of the fastest time to complete Super Mario Bros., Niftski breaks the elusive 4:55 barrier and shows the gaming world that Nintendo's plucky mascot isn't ready to slow down

When Rick Fothergill Made History Twice Over

Twenty three years after a Canadian arcade game player submitted his Ms. Pac-Man world record to Twin Galaxies and helped launch a new era of competition, the recording of his history-making game is now available for public viewing for the first time.

Taming the High Score on Taito's Zoo Keeper

Bryan Wagner captures a MAME world record but he isn't ready to turn in his animal catching net just yet

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