John Argirovski
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A 90's kid who has an older brother who got him into video games, which is why he has a passion for retro games from the 80's and beyond.  Johnny also loves comedy writing, video editing, and gaming inspired lo-fi beats.

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The Man, the Myth, the Musical Legend: Yuzo Koshiro

Who exactly is Yuzo Koshiro? Even if you don't know his name, there is a very high probability that you have listened to his music and you didn't even know it!

A Game Just Isn't The Same Without the Voice

Think about those video games that you enjoy the most. I'm talking about the ones that never age no matter how old they, or how old you get.

The Lead Up To Street Fighter 6 - PART TWO

Capcom brings back the Parrying mechanic and SO much more in Street Fighter 6

Nothing Says Halloween Quite like the Alien Wars

It is the strangest yet wildest holiday of them all - Halloween. It's a day where people have an excuse to dress up as any character they want, kind of like a worldwide cosplay event.

The Lead Up to Street Fighter 6 – PART ONE

STREET FIGHTER 6: Return of the Parry. If you are a fan of the Street Fighter series and you happen to be a fan of Star Wars, then maybe you see the symbolism here.

GoldenEye Turns 25!

Where were you in August of 1997? The development team at RARE studio were drinking champagne and breathing a sigh of relief as GoldenEye 007, a FPS trailblazer, was FINALLY released after countless delays...

A glorious year in gaming history - Gaming in 92

It is extremely difficult to believe that it has been 30 years since 1992, but let's take a trip down memory lane to bring us back to those strange times...

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