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Writer, Videographer, Radio Reporter and more, Alex plays a lot of classes in the MMORPG that is life. When he's not writing, find him playing handheld systems on the couch or streaming retro games on Twitch.

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Nintendo Is Still Out of Touch With The Players

There are so many things the Nintendo Switch does right. Yet, Nintendo continues to bring far less than they could to the table to enhance the value of Nintendo Switch Online, legacy titles, and system features.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Switch Save Data Transfer Tips & Guide

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has launched across the world on the Nintendo Switch. It features the option to transfer a character from one console generation to the next between the Nintendo 3DS and Switch. This guide will show you how.

Four Heavy Bowguns, One Behemoth - Monster Hunter World Meets Final Fantasy

Players have been battling it out against the fearsome Behemoth from Final Fantasy in Monster Hunter World, but there are a few players taking things to the extreme.

Dead Cells and the Story of Master Player Henpaku

Dead Cells has been making waves in the world of gaming, both for positive and negative reasons. While browsing the various speedruns, we came across Japanese player Henpaku to review, who has skill in spades and an interesting story to tell.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Scott Cunningham's Out Run Record and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight we check out some clever Atari visual design, a points run involving our favorite TurboGrafx gremlin, and a beautiful drive across Europe with a Sega classic.

C64 Mini Analyzed Plus Retro Gaming Discussion with Joerg Droege of Scene World

The Commodore 64 was at times the most popular computer and with that came tons of games. With the homebrew and retro scene still loving the system, we talked with Joerg Droege about all things C64 Mini.

Korea Defeats Thailand in Arena of Valor World Cup

In an explosive final game, Korea was able to walk away as the new Arena of Valor World Champions.

Thailand will Face Either Chinese Taipei or Korea in Arena of Valor Finals

The Arena of Valor World Cup is nearing its conclusion as Thailand solidifies their spot in the finals after beating Korea 3-0. They will face either Chinese Taipei or Korea once more.

12 Hour Challenge Invites Speedrunners to try Something New

A community wide speedrun challenge was issued by Golden once again! The 12 Hour Challenge asks that runners learn a whole new run, with the optional rule of something never been run at a GDQ, in just 12 hours.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Salim Farhat's Punisher Record and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight we check out some solid runs across MAME, a perfect score on a WarioWare micro game, and a solid Playstation 2 run of a Taito classic. Plus we have a record-busting score for the Punisher arcade game.

How to get Free DC Hero in Arena of Valor through Swag Sunday

Swag Sunday is an event that helps celebrate the Arena of Valor World Cup that enables players to get a free character, which includes these DC heroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, or The Flash.

Arena of Valor World Cup Standings

So far we have had three days of Arena of Valor World Cup action and as the dust begins to settle for the upcoming finals, we look to the future with these standings.

Arena of Valor on Switch Could Be the Next Big Game

During the beta, we spent some quality time with the Switch version of Arena of Valor. If Tencent can pull it off, we could see this little mobile game become the most popular game around. It could potentially dethrone Fortnite and League of Legends.

Tencent Director of eSports Points Out Future of eSports and Highlights Arena of Valor World Cup

We have an extensive interview with Ramon Hermann, who is the Director of eSports at Tencent, all centered on Arena of Valor, the upcoming World Cup, and where esports is headed as a whole.

PlayStation 5 Release Date, Specs, & Rumors

While we are still getting plenty of playtime from our PS4 systems, it's about that time to start looking at the future with what we know about the PS5, it's release date, specifications, and other rumors.

Friday the 13th Jason Couldn't Stop JTB in this Resident Evil 4 Speedrun

Just in time for Friday the 13th, we chat with JTB about his Resident Evil 4 speedrun history after putting on an excellent run at SGDQ 2018.

Scoreboard Spotlight: William Rosa's 19-Hour Tapper Marathon and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight we check out some truly nostalgic arcade titles like VS Duck Hunt and Super Contra, plus two obscure arcade games we hadn't known about, and one marathon session of Tapper.

How to Download and Begin Arena of Valor on Android, iOS, & Switch

Looking to pick up the most popular mobile game around? Find out how to download and get started with Arena of Valor. It's coming soon to Nintendo Switch and has millions of players on mobile already.

Super Mario 64 Any% Speedrun World Record Broken

When speedrunners are let loose on a game to finish it by any means necessary, they cruise and that's just what Drozdowsky has done with his world record of Super Mario 64 Any% run without getting a single star.

Monty's SGDQ 2018 Getting Over It Speedrun Was So Fast He Ran It Twice

During Summer Games Done Quick 2018, the speedrun of Getting Over It by MONTYvsTHEWORLD was a ton of ups and downs due to the nature of this infamously challenging game. We ask Monty what was going through his mind at the time.

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