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Scoreboard Spotlight: Highlights of 2022 - Part 1

Father Time has shuffled off the stage to make way for Baby New Year, which is a perfect occasion to take a look back at some of the biggest gaming highlights from the Twin Galaxies community.

Scoreboard Spotlight: It's Raining Bounties!

It's a dream come true - you can earn rewards playing video games at Twin Galaxies - and some gifted players have already won a TG Bounty Challenge! Let's check out some of these recent achievements

Scoreboard Spotlight: Joshua Beesley Crosses Crossy Road & More

Let's check out a selection of the latest gaming achievements registered on the Twin Galaxies leaderboards from the weeks of November 7 and 14.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Jim Boyce Kill-Screens Donkey Kong & More

We have a new crop of stellar video game performances that pack a few tricks and are a treat to watch! Let's check out a selection of the latest gaming achievements from the week of October 31.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Kim Koebke's Scrambled Egg & More

In the latest edition of the Scoreboard Spotlight, we serve up some new high score achievements and speedrun goodness along with some recipes for success from the week of October 17.

Scoreboard Spotlight: AJMetalLord's Magic Sword Run & More

In the latest edition of the Scoreboard Spotlight, we turn our attention to some of the latest gaming achievements from community members for the week of October 10.

Scoreboard Spotlight: David Goss Blasts Galaxian & More

Who's counting down the days to Hallowe'en? We're still counting up the stellar performances submitted by community members that ultimately made their way onto the TG leaderboards over the last few days, so let's take stock and celebrate some of the latest new gaming achievements from the week of October 3.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Elipsis Takes All the Marbles & More

Another week, another assortment of amazing video game performances for the Twin Galaxies leaderboards. Let's check out a selection of the latest gaming achievements from the week of September 26.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Joe Dearman Rediscovers Defender & More

Where there's a new Twin Galaxies record, there's sure to be a story about practice, perseverance, and of course, fun. Let's check out a selection of the latest gaming achievements from the week of September 19.

Evolution Championship Series (Evo) Appoints Rick 'TheHadou' Thiher as New GM

Thiher's focus will be on making Evo the best experience for current and undiscovered fans and players

Video Game Champion David Race Claims First Perfect Pac-Man

On November 20, 2020 at around 10:47PM PST Mr. Race successfully laid claim to the title of first Perfect Pac-Man of the weekend leading up to the 40th anniversary of the game.

Steve Wiebe Returns to Donkey Kong World Record Pursuits

After 10 years of hiatus, the star of the documentary "The King of Kong" has returned to Twin Galaxies with a passion to get back into his record setting groove.

Pac-Man Achievement, Anniversary and Honors!

Greg Sakundiak achieves a Perfect Pac-Man, Pac-Man celebrates its 40th year, and World Champion David Race Honors his fellow competitors.

Competitive Gaming News Update for May 2020

Michael Sroka from Settle it On the Screen brings you a few quick updates on the news revolving around Twin Galaxies.

Longstanding 80's Video Game World Record Potentially Beaten

The 38 year old Crazy Climber arcade world record could be dethroned by an incredible performance submitted by competitor Brian Joseph Sperback - but there may be controversy.

Tokido Talks State of Street Fighter 5 and Being the Defending Champion

We caught up with Hajime "Tokido" Taniguchi at EVO 2018, to get his thoughts on defending his EVO Street Fighter title and the state of the franchise.

Armada Discusses Smash Bros. and His Thoughts on The Direction of the Franchise

Despite his very busy schedule, we managed to catch up with Adam "Armada" Lindgren, to get his thoughts on the direction of the Smash Bros. franchise and what he would change.

GTL: Overwatch Update Leaves Trolls to Rot

New Overwatch updates include social features like endorsements and a "Looking for Group" feature as Blizzard practices positive reinforcement. Plus, the reveal of Hero 28 (aka Wrecking Ball) is a big surprise for fans, but it's not without controversy. With continued Meta changes, like the Symmetra rework and major map updates, players and onlookers are eager to see how these adjustments will affect Overwatch League.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Greg Degeneffe Crushes Pigs in Space and More

On this Scoreboard Spotlight, we check out Strikers 1945 Plus for some classic Neo Geo action, a speedy run through a Mega Man 9 stage, and reach for the stars in a staggering score in Pigs in Space on the Atari 2600.

GTL: Fortnite Fever Rages On Amongst Kids

The popularity of Epic Games' Fortnite among young gamers is leaving kids vulnerable. Luckily, streamer Ninja chooses to tone down vulgar language for his under aged audience, and teachers adapt by incorporating game terminology into their lesson plans. At the same time, children as young as 9 are being sent to rehab for their Fortnite addictions, and the World Health Organization (WHO) now categorizes Gaming Disorder as a mental condition.

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