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Zac is a fair dinkum League of Legends fan from down under who loves nothing more than kicking back and watching the pro's work their magic. If pressed however, he's not above crafting some devious trap for his friends to stumble into during their latest D&D campaign.

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The Overwatch League Is Back And Better Than Ever

The Overwatch League is back for the 2019 season with a full weekend of games. Here's what went down as the new expansion teams took on the established masters of the League on the opening weekend of OWL 2019.

Operation Grand Heist Is Coming To Black Ops 4 This Week

The latest content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be landing PlayStation tomorrow, with the other platforms getting the new content next week.

Apex Legends Have Banned Over 16,000 Players Already

One of the fastest growing games in the Battle Royale genre is already taking a hard stance against cheaters.

Kayle And Morgana Reworks Have Been Teased

The upcoming visual and gameplay updates for Kayle and Morgana have been teased by Riot, with a video depicting the sisters on a rampage through Summoners Rift.

How To Watch The Dota 2 ESL One Katowice Tournament

All the information you'll need to catch the latest Dota 2 tournament featuring the top teams from around the world.

Denial Esports Release Graphic Designer Over Tweet

The professional esports organization has released their in-house graphic designer after he said the logo of Call of Duty organization Enigma6 needed to be "Updated".

CoD Pros ZooMaa And Rated Trade Shots Over Social Media

The heat is on between these pro players, as ZooMaa and Rated trade verbal barbs over Twitter.

IEM Katowice New Challengers Stage Results

All the action from the New Challengers Stage of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive IEM Katowice Major.

Seagull Explains Why Overwatch Casters Avoid Saying GOATS

Overwatch fans might believe there's a conspiracy to hide GOATS from the casual player base, but Seagull has a fairly innocent explanation for why casters won't call the team comp by name.

LCS Wraps Up Week 4 With Surprising Results

All the action from Day Two of Week Four in the LCS 2019 Spring Split.

TSM End Team Liquids Undefeated Streak In The LCS

Everything comes to an end eventually, though Team Liquid fans would probably prefer they stayed on top for a while longer.

Leaker Claims To Have Details Of Modern Warfare 4

A Leaker claiming to be a QA tester for an upcoming Call of Duty game claims to have details of what will ultimately be Modern Warfare 4.

LCS Match Recaps For Week 4 Of The Spring Split

All the action as the teams of the LCS kick off week 4 of the Spring Split.

Jeff Kaplan Explains Why Overwatch Doesn't Have A Ping System Like Apex Legends

The Overwatch Director himself took to the official forums to explain why Overwatch doesn't use a ping system like Apex Legends and other games.

Overwatch Streamer Fareeha Andersen Has Ban Period Reduced After Community Outrage

While she's still banned for some time, Twitch has significantly reduced the severity of their original punishment after community backlash.

LEC Match Results Spring Split Week 5, Day 2

All the action as the teams of the LEC kick off the second half of the Spring Split.

Origen Hand G2 Esports Their First Loss Of The LEC

After an impressive 9-0 first half of the LEC Spring Split, G2 Esports have suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of Origen.

Rogue Find Their First Win Of The LEC Spring Split

At the turning point halfway through the season, Rogue have risen to the challenge to find their first victory of the LEC Spring Split.

LEC Spring Split Week 5 Results

All the action of the LEC as they teams cross the halfway point of the Spring Split.

G2 Esports finish the first half of the LEC Spring Split Undefeated

The European powerhouse is proving to be too much for the other LEC teams to handle.

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