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Blizzard Removes Hong Kong Hearthstone Player & Casters Following Protest

After a political protest in a Hearthstone Grandmaster's post-game interview, Hong Kong player blitzchung and a pair of casters involved have been fired by Blizzard.

Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 1 Playoffs & Twitch Drops

With the ending of their first season of Hearthstone Grandmasters, the team is re-enabling Twitch Drops for fans during Season 1 Playoffs this weekend.

Mike Tyson Invests In Fade 2 Karma Esports Team

"Iron" Mike Tyson recently became the latest sports figure to get into the esports game by investing into Fade 2 Karma, or F2K.

Hearthstone: HCT 2019 World Championship Groups, Schedule, Stream

The 2019 World Championship for the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) is upon us, and we have the groups, schedule, and Twitch stream for the highly anticipated event covered for you!

TSM Kripp Comically Finds Banned Hearthstone Card During Stream

During a Twitch stream focusing on the Hearthstone Rise of Shadows expansion at Blizzard HQ, TSM Kripparrian hilariously found a recently banned card when playing Arena mode.

Jia Defends Hearthstone Title at World Series of Esports 5

WSOE2 defending Hearthstone Champion Jia had her shot to earn back-to-back victories against the top-ranked contender after a weekend of epic card games.

Hearthstone Champion Jia Looks To Defend Title at WSOE5

The World Showdown of Esports returns for another epic competitive Hearthstone event with returning champion Jia, who looks to win back-to-back WSOE Hearthstone events.

ESPN and Tespa Announce Collegiate Esports Championship

"Growing and dynamic" Esports scene to get a major college tournament hosted by ESPN during this year's Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas.

Hearthstone Masters Offers New Competitive & Esports System For Players

Blizzard is taking a shot at injecting fresh life into the Hearthstone competitive scene with the announcement of Hearthstone Masters.

Hearthstone HCT Winter Championship Roster & Dates Announced

The HCT continues to prep for a solid year of competition. We have the details on the Winter Championship coming up in February, including which players will be going!

Twitch Rivals Hearthstone Bracket, Schedule and Stream

Twitch Rivals is back with the Hearthstone Arena Team Draft Challenge, and we have the bracket, stream and all of the other information you need to know covered.

Hearthstone HCT World Championship To Be Held In Taipei

Blizzard is gearing up to bring the 2018 Hearthstone season to a close. The World Championships have been announced for Taipei Taiwan.

Jia Claims Victory At WSOE 2

WSOE 2: The Hearthstone Showdown featured sixteen of the best female players from around the world, but only one could walk away with the grand prize in the end.

Hearthstone Card Nerfs Introduced In Balance Patch Today

Wild Growth, Saronite Chain Gang, Nourish, Leeching Poison, and Level Up! have all been nerfed in the latest Hearthstone balance patch that goes live today.

Hearthstone Winter Veil Begins With Card Pack Quests & Events

Hearthstone is closing out the year in style. Winter Veil has come again and various events will be going with opportunities to earn free card packs through the holidays.

Kripparrian Gains World Record Two Billion Armor In Hearthstone Match

During a friendly Hearthstone match, Kripparrian managed to gain two billion armor, the highest armor count ever seen in a game of Hearthstone.

Watch Kripparrian Play Hearthstone, Artifact And MTG At The Same Time

Legendary Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian played three games all at the same time on stream yesterday with some incredible results.

Hearthstone Hits 100 Million Players

A new milestone for the popular TCG as Hearthstone crosses the 100 million player mark.

Hearthstone Nerfs Include Giggling Inventor, Aviana and Mana Wyrm

Three of Hearthstone's strongest cards are being nerfed in an update later this week: Aviana, Mana Wyrm and Giggling Inventor.

Kripparrian Receives Call From Aquaman During Hearthstone Stream

The famous DC superhero left a message for Kripp during a Hearthstone stream. He requested a donation from Kripp, a donation of something Kripp has far too much of.

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