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Analyzing the EVO 2019 June Registration Rankings

The latest sign-up rankings for EVO 2019 were announced by EVO head Joey Cuellar, and there's a lot to unpack from the results.

How To Watch Combo Breaker 2019

A major fighting game tournament is taking over Chicago this weekend, and here's how you can watch every punch, kick, jump, and chop.

Panda Global's Keys To EVO Will Send Five Players to EVO 2019

If you think you're good enough to roll with the best at EVO 2019, Panda Global is offering a chance to prove it and score a chance to go to EVO 2019 free with the PG Keys to EVO league.

Super Saiyan Showdown II Twitch Stream, Schedule

The highly anticipated Super Saiyan Showdown II Dragon Ball FighterZ rematch is almost here, and we have the Twitch stream and schedule covered for you!

Evo 2019's Registration Tells A Lot Of Interesting Stories

The heads of Evo 2019 have been sharing registration numbers in real time, and with each update comes some sort of new and surprising information.

Making Esports Gritty - The 10 Best Games For The Flyers Mascot

What if Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers' mascot, found his way into ten of the most popular esports games available today? We think it would look something like this.

Predicting the EVO 2019 Main Game Lineup

With EVO 2019's lineup set to be revealed later tonight, we take a look at what will, what could, and what won't be a part of the Evolution Championship Series this year.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 Price Details and Player Impact

Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ was officially announced last night after Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals. Here's what the introduction of six new fighters, including Jiren, Videl, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, and another Broly mean for players of the popular anime fighting game.

How to Watch The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals

The first season of Dragon Ball FighterZ's year-long tournament season is coming to an end this weekend, and here's how you can take in all of the action.

Jiren Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ?

A recent post by Bandai Namco Europe confirms that a new character will soon be announced for DBFZ, and many believe the signs may be pointing to Dragon Ball Super's Jiren.

Bandai Namco Dragon Ball Livestream: How To Watch

A major Dragon Ball themed livestream is coming from Bandai Namco today, and here's how you can watch it in its entirety.

Toei Animation Claims "No Knowledge" Of Dragon Ball FighterZ's Removal from EVO Japan

One of the most prominent IP owners for Dragon Ball Z weighs in on the DBFZ removal controversy with the equivalent of a virutal shrug.

Tekken Creator Katsuhiro Harada Now Heading Bandai Namco Esports Division

The longtime FGC figurehead has added the growth of Bandai Namco's esports division to his growing to-do list, a task that just recently became even more difficult thanks to outside forces.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Announces Free Update - New Stage, Ranks, Halloween Items

A slew of new content is on its way to Dragon Ball FighterZ! A new stage, new ranks, and new Halloween items can be yours coming soon!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Vegeta Guide - Still Super Even Without the Hair!

One half of the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters, Vegeta, storms into action! Here are some quick tips on how to help the Prince of all Saiyans claim his throne!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Guide: Back To The Beginning

The addition of Base Goku to Dragon Ball FighterZ sounds like the game is going backwards, but this guide proves that the original Goku was well worth the wait.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch 1.11 Notes: Buffs, Nerfs, Changes, and More

With Evo 2018 behind them, Bandai/Namco UK today released the notes for Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch 1.11. Not only will we see changes to game modes, we'll also see character changes, including some that'll bring a certain "Perfect" specimen down to Earth.

EVO 2018 Viewership Makes Dragon Ball FighterZ Most watched EVO Game Ever

The battle between SonicFox and GO1 was able to push the EVO 2018 viewership for DragonBall FighterZ to record setting numbers, as the title became the most watched game at EVO ever on Sunday.

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Cooler Announced

The reveal of upcoming fighters at EVO 2018 also showcased a preview of a previously leaked but not confirmed character, Cooler.

Twin Galaxies Fight Club Announced Featuring FGC Legend Exhibitions

Fighting game hype for August continues to grow as the Twin Galaxies Fight Club is announced, bringing in a top-tier exhibition event of some of the world's greatest FGC players alongside EVO 2018.

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