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You Do Not Want to Miss This The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Giveaway

The developers of the highly anticipated virtual reality title The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners are ready to help you revamp your VR setup with some powerful gear.

Facebook Acquires Beat Saber Studio

Beat Saber took the VR world by storm and it looks like Facebook is ready to cash in on that popularity.

Half-Life: Alyx Officially Revealed, Here's Which VR Headsets Are Compatible

Now that we have our first look at the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx VR experience, some may not be wanting to shell out the cash for the Index equipment. Here's what other VR headsets are compatible.

Tetris Effect Gets Worldwide Release Date

The upcoming VR spin on the classic Tetris franchise will be making its way to homes on November 9th.

Big 3 at E3 2018: The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man Lead PlayStation's Charge

PlayStation has thrown the ordinary E3 playbook out the window for E3 2018, making random announcements before the show and focusing on four core titles throughout the week. What does that mean for what's in store for us? We examine Sony's potential E3 2018 offerings.

Rez Creators Announce Tetris Effect For PS4 & PSVR On Tetris Anniversary

It's World Tetris Day, celebrating the 34th year of the famous line-clearing puzzle game's existence. In celebration, we're getting a new and stylish version of Tetris for PS4 known as Tetris Effect, featuring PSVR support.

Three Deadpool-Related Speedruns Worth Busting Out The Dubstep and Chimichangas

Deadpool 2 is out in theaters, making for an excellent reason to look into Deadpool's video game appearances and what speedrunners have done in those games.

Starfighter Inc Is The Star Wars X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter Successor We Needed

In a genre like space simulation, you either go big or go home. But, with a focus on space combat, Starfighter Inc. is trying to redefine the entire genre and how people see it. Enter Impeller Studios' David Wessman and Jack Mamais.

GTL: Star Wars Provokes Evolution of Fan Experience

Disney and Star Wars team up with NVIDIA and Fortnite developer Epic Games to create the next generation of interactive theme park experiences. With companies like The VOID creating their own immersive encounters, Star Wars fans are living at the cutting edge of fandom - but will the hype last?

Extreme Efficiency in Job Simulator Speedrun

In the future, we will train employees by putting them into a game of Job Simulator. Speedrunner ipie4fun shows that even retail can make for an awesome experience.

GTL: VR Could Save The World, But There Are Hurdles To Cross First

Companies like HTC and Walmart use Virtual Reality technologies to make a positive impact... But is VR already failing the gaming community?

The Hurdles For VREsports & Competitive Virtual Reality

With esports growing more popular every day, players and investors have looked to the VR market as well with organization such as the VR Challenger League. But can this niche become mainstream?

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