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Evil Geniuses Officially Acquire Echo Fox NALCS Slot

It looks like the dust has settled on the Echo Fox NALCS situation in regards to the slot. Evil Geniuses have officially acquired it, returning to League of Legends esports.

Riot Games To Auction Echo Fox LCS Slot

It appears the Echo Fox LCS slot will be going to auction on behalf of Riot Games following the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment Group's failure to secure the spot.

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment Pulls Out of Echo Fox LCS Deal

It would appear that Echo Fox's LCS slot is still in its hands for the time being. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has officially pulled out of a deal to buy the slot.

The GG Podcast Talks Gaming Gear & Esports Community Kindness

Does the player make the gaming gear or is it all just a gimmick? The GG Podcast talks gaming gear, plus Rick Fox speaks to a wealth of support sent his way by the esports community.

MikeYeung Had a Rough Return to the North American LCS

It's been a difficult weekend for MikeYeung in his not-so-triumphant return to the mainstage of North American League of Legends.

Echo Fox Starts Lost and Yusui Week 1 of LCS Summer Split

On the eve of the 2019 LCS Summer Split, beloved underdogs Echo Fox revealed two surprising starters on their Week 1 roster.

Rick Fox, Jace Hall, & Todd Roy Launch gg Podcast – First episode? LoL

Rick Fox, Jace Hall, and Todd Roy have launched the gg Podcast, and after a little introduction, they jump right into League of Legends in the first episode.

SonicFox Dominates Mortal Kombat 11 Competition at Summit of Time

Beyond the Summit hosted the first Mortal Kombat 11 tournament this weekend, and the competition was brutally wondrous.

Mew2King On Super Smash Bros Ultimate, EVO, & The Best Ultimate Players

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate doing well in 2019 and set for a huge E3 appearance, we caught up to Echo Fox's Smash Bros Pro Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman to hear his current thoughts on the game and the competitive field.

Echo Fox Dismantles CLG to Advance to LCS Playoffs

When the world looked ahead to Week 9 of the LCS, a number of matchups were highlighted on the calendar, but did anyone see Echo Fox playing for chance to move on to the playoffs? Probably not.

Here's Why the Nuckledu and Echo Fox Deal Makes Sense

The recent announcement of Nuckledu joining the Echo Fox FGC team had some scratching their heads. Here's why it makes sense for both parties to join forces.

Street Fighter Pro NuckleDu Signed to Echo Fox FGC Roster

Big moves were made by Echo Fox, who confirmed that worldwide top-tier Street Fighter V player Du "NuckleDu" Dang would be coming to the Fox Fam.

Echo Fox Partners With OPSEAT Gaming Chairs - Giveaway Announced

Esports organization Echo Fox has entered into a new partnership with gaming chair designer OPSEAT and the two organizations are celebrating with a giveaway of a fresh new gaming chair.

Justin Wong's Gift to His Groomsmen is a Custom Qanba Fight Stick

Longtime FGC pro Justin Wong is injecting a little bit of fighting games into his wedding, gifting his groomsmen one-of-a-kind fight sticks from Qanba.

Gachikun wins Street Fighter 5 Capcom Cup 2018; Season 4 and Kage Announced

Gachikun held off all challengers and took home the Capcom Cup 2018 championship! Soon thereafter, our speculations of a peculiar addition to the Street Fighter 5 character select screen were brought to light.

Mew2King to Take on 48 Hour Super Smash Bros Ultimate Charity Stream

Super Smash Bros. Melee God Mew2King of Echo Fox will be partaking in a 48 hour charity stream to raise donations for the nonPareil Institute.

Tekken Champions JCDR & Saint Released From Echo Fox

Following major group of players let go from the Echo Fox organization, Tekken 7 pro players JCDR and Saint are the latest to be released from the team.

Echo Fox Releases FGC Players, As Well As Call of Duty & Gears of War Roster

In a big move today, several Echo Fox players are now back on the market, including Street Fighter V player Victor "Punk" Woodley and the entire Echo Fox Gears of War and Call of Duty teams.

Echo Fox Secure Playoff Spot with Final Victory

After claiming victory in their final regular season game in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, Echo Fox have secured a spot in playoffs and a shot at the championship title.

Punk Channels Super Turbo Sagat in Street Fighter V!

The King himself, Sagat, has finally come to Street Fighter V, and one former champ has the FGC having flashbacks to Super Turbo. Check out Punk's Sagat lock down an opposing Ryu (and have a little fun along the way!)

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