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Warcraft 3: Reforged Remasters The Rise And Fall Of The Lich King For 2019

In addition to World of Warcraft Classic coming in 2019, Blizzcon announced that the game that led to WoW, Warcraft III, is also being remastered for next year.

Almost All Of World Of Warcraft Now Available Via Subscription

If you're looking to jump on the World of Warcraft train now, you can experience the entire game - except the upcoming expansion - through a monthly subscription fee.

The Warcraft III Invitational - How & Where To Watch

Blizzard is hosting the Warcraft III Invitational today and tomorrow! Here's where to catch the action as some of the best Warcraft players in the world throw down in some intense competitive action.

Top Players head to Poland for Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm

The next battlefield in professional Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm will be Katowice, Poland. Thousands of dollars in prizes and a chance at a spot at the global stage lie in wait for those who conquer.

From The Rooftops: Jannes Tjarks Shouts About Warcraft III

It takes some real dedication to keep a 16 year old game alive. But, Jannes "Neo" Tjarks manages to do just that with Warcraft III with his channel Back2Warcraft. With the announced Invitational upcoming, he gave us some thoughts on his journey.

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