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Diablo 4 Gameplay Revealed at BlizzCon2019, PVP Confirmed

We finally got a major reveal of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019 and it included a look at gameplay and confirmation of player-vs-player!

How to Watch BlizzCon 2019

There's a lot riding on BlizzCon 2019 for Blizzard. Be sure to check out all the reveals with our handy viewing guide.

Could Blizzard Get Diablo In Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Blizzard jokes about getting their characters into the weirdest places. But, Deckard Cain in Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch? Now, that's just silly. And now we want him as an assist trophy.

Top Players head to Poland for Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm

The next battlefield in professional Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm will be Katowice, Poland. Thousands of dollars in prizes and a chance at a spot at the global stage lie in wait for those who conquer.

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