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Gamers Gear Up for Yolo 2022

Event organizer Evan Mcgahey is ready to kick off the New Year with the first tournament of the season

Joseph Saelee Becomes Back-To-Back Tetris World Champion

The Classic Tetris World Championship 2019 saw last year's new champ Joseph Saelee take it again in an incredible weekend of competition.

GameWorks To Host FGC Fall Fights Including $5K Tekken 7 Tournament

The year has already seen some great Tekken matches, but GameWorks is looking to give it just a bit more with Fall Fights featuring a $5,000 Tekken Dojo event.

Team SoloMid Wins Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

Teams from all over the world showed up for the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, but it was TSM that took home victory and the biggest prize of the weekend.

Evo 2019 Finals - The Crowning of Three Kings & A Godly Smash Runback

Evo 2019 has come to an end, but the highlights were many and extraordinary. Between Shinku's aggressive run through BBTAG to MKLeo's potent Smash Ultimate runback, here's how Finals Sunday went down.

Evo 2019 Day 2 Sees Emotional GO1 Victory & Sonic Fox Remains MK Champ

Saturday's matches at Evo 2019 saw a multitude of amazing things, and among them GO1 capturing a tear-filled victory in DBFZ and Sonic Fox staying champion in Mortal Kombat 11.

EA To Host $500,000 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

Electronic Arts is gearing up for some major competition in Apex Legends. A Preseason Invitational will put $500,000 on the line come September.

Shacknews Great Quakeholio Tournament Returns to QuakeCon

Shacknews had so much fun with the Great Quakeholio Tournament last year that they've brought it back to QuakeCon 2019 with another $10,000 prize pool on the line.

LoL Esports Announces Summer 2019 European Masters

On their blog today, the League of Legends European Championship announced their marquee Premier League tournament is back for the Summer of 2019.

CWL Finals & Miami All-Star Game - How To Watch

As the CWL Finals move towards the ultimate showdown in the 2019 regular season, we have the details on how to catch the matches and the Miami All-Star Game going on this weekend.

San Diego Comic-Con to Feature Esports Lounge & Tournaments

The regular comics and movie fare at SDCC 2019 will be joined by a slew of competitive gaming and streaming events.

Six EVO 2019 Games Have Reached +1000 Players

With a little under a month left, EVO 2019 has gathered a wealth of players across its nine showcase games.

DOTA 2 International Prize Pool Reaches Record $25 Million & Growing

DOTA 2's world championship The International is already at the highest its ever been for the event and is set to take the record for the largest esports prize pool.

CEO Has a Pageantry That Even EVO Could Learn From

CEO 2019 is reaching its final swing, but even now, it's had moments that are going to be burned into our memories.

CEO 2019 - Where & How To Watch Guide

CEO 2019 is going on now. As fighters duke it out in Daytona in one of the best FGC events of the year, here's where to catch all of the action.

Vancouver's Esports Arena The Gaming Stadium Opens June 28th

One of Canada's most premiere Esports arenas is set to open in just a few weeks.

Method Venruki Wins First Ever World of Warcraft Classic Cup

Hopefully the massive turnout both in-game and on Twitch will help convince Blizzard that WoW Classic has competitive promise.

A Horde Duel Tournament is Happening Right Now in WoW Classic

Organized by streamers and influencers, a large crowd gathers in The Barrens where a dueling champion of the Horde will be crowned.

Every Winner at Combo Breaker 2019

The other half of this weekend's stunning fighting game tournaments, Combo Breaker 2019 brought a whole lot of heat led by NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11.

Every Winner at MomoCon 2019

Live from Atlanta, Georgia, MomoCon's insane line-up of competitive gaming was highlighted by an intense Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Finals.

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