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When is Monster Hunter World Iceborne Coming to PC?

Monster Hunter World Iceborne finally has a definitive date for PC players, plus you need to see the beautiful trailer Capcom has prepared for the announcement!

How to Download the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Beta

On the heels of E3 2019, the good folks at Capcom are giving PlayStation players an early look at the huge mountain of new content coming to Monster Hunter: World with the Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Switch Save Data Transfer Tips & Guide

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has launched across the world on the Nintendo Switch. It features the option to transfer a character from one console generation to the next between the Nintendo 3DS and Switch. This guide will show you how.

Four Heavy Bowguns, One Behemoth - Monster Hunter World Meets Final Fantasy

Players have been battling it out against the fearsome Behemoth from Final Fantasy in Monster Hunter World, but there are a few players taking things to the extreme.

Monster Hunter World PC Details Revealed

After a long time of waiting and patience, PC players will finally be able to jump into the hunt on Monster Hunter World. Capcom is revealing fresh details about the release, distribution and specs of Monster Hunter World for PC!

Monster Hunter World USA Championship Revealed, Details Announced

It would appear that Capcom is gearing up a new competition for Monster Hunter fans across the United States. They announced the Monster Hunter World USA Championship with a ton of details!

Monster Hunter World Patch Notes: Elder Dragon Lunastra as Free Update

Capcom announces a new content patch to add Elder Dragon Lunastra and tons of new gear for hunters to chase. Will hunters survive this fierce female and it's equally as fierce male? The lions come out to PS4 and Xbox One soon.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Is A Perfect Fit For Nintendo Switch

People clamoring for Monster Hunter World for Nintendo Switch may be disappointed by the international announcement of Generations Ultimate instead, but it's actually a perfect next step for Nintendo's latest console.

How to Get the Mega Man Palico Gear in Monster Hunter World

Capcom is doing collaboration events in Monster Hunter World as they have done in previous titles and of course there was going to be a Mega Man crossover! Here is how to get the Mega Man Palico gear.

Monster Hunter World - How To Track and Kill Deviljho, Get The Dragonproof Mantle

Capcom has brought the infamous Deviljho to the New World in Monster Hunter World. Want a leg up on taking down this beast? We've got a wealth of tips and facts to help you do it.

The Man Behind the Monster Hunter World Wyvern Ignition Greatsword: Frank Yang

It was recently announced by Capcom when players can get their hands on the winning weapon of a community weapon design contest prior to Monster Hunter World's release. We interview the artist, Frank Yang.

Top Monster Hunter Crossovers that Need to Happen

Monster Hunter World has already received some crossover content, but what other franchises would fit the New World?

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