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Fallout from the Billy Mitchell Decision Continues To Echo Across the Web

With the announcement that Guinness World Records will now be looking at the achievements of Billy Mitchell, the fallout from Twin Galaxies Adjudication continues to spread across the internet.

Billy Mitchell Makes Public Statement Regarding Removal of Scores

Today at the Midwest Gaming Classic, Billy Mitchell issued his first public statement regarding the removal of his scores from the databases of Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records To Remove All of Billy Mitchell's Records

The announcement comes after the decision by the administration staff of Twin Galaxies to remove all of Billy Mitchell's scores from the organization's leaderboards.

Steve Wiebe Speaks About Twin Galaxies, Donkey Kong, & Billy Mitchell

In the debacle centered around Billy Mitchell's records, Steve Wiebe has oft been considered the party wronged by any issue of validity. In the wake of recent events, Wiebe shares his thoughts on Billy, Kong, and Twin Galaxies as a whole.

Billy Mitchell to Reportedly Issue Statement on Twin Galaxies Decision

Billy Mitchell will reportedly make his first public statement regarding the removal of his scores from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards this weekend.

Twin Galaxies Community Reacts to the Billy Mitchell Decision

While the news might have been a surprise to some, others have seen this decision coming for quite some time.

The Former King of Kong: Wes Copeland Talks Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell, and How Did He Get So Good

Twin Galaxies spoke to Wes Copeland, former world record holder for Donkey Kong, to get his thoughts on the Billy Mitchell decision.

Setting Records: 5 Impressive And Legitimate Feats Involving Video Games

Video game records are always in flux, but some refuse to go away. With records being a big deal today, we explore five awesome (and legitimate) achievements that still dazzle us.

Dispute Decision: Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong & All Other Records Removed

After many months of researching, Twin Galaxies administration has determined the dispute made by Jeremy Young (@xelnia) to be accepted. Alongside this, all of Billy Mitchell's scores have been removed from Twin Galaxies leaderboards.

Twin Galaxies Explores Capturing Equipment used in Billy Mitchell Score

The dispute of Billy Mitchell's 1,062,800 score on Donkey Kong arcade has gotten further development as Twin Galaxies officials continue testing the method Mitchell supposedly used to capture his gameplay.

Open Discussion Live On Facebook About Billy Mitchell Score Today (Updated)

Jace Hall of Twin Galaxies will be holding an open discussion about the famed Billy Mitchell score dispute today around 3 PM PST.

Rumor: YouTuber Apollo Legend May Face Legal Battle Over Billy Mitchell [Updated]

It would appear that Apollo Legend flew to Florida, attended an arcade event dressed like Billy Mitchell, and tried to secretly record proof that Billy is a fraud. Days later, lawyers called him.

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