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GameWorks To Host FGC Fall Fights Including $5K Tekken 7 Tournament

The year has already seen some great Tekken matches, but GameWorks is looking to give it just a bit more with Fall Fights featuring a $5,000 Tekken Dojo event.

Analyzing the EVO 2019 June Registration Rankings

The latest sign-up rankings for EVO 2019 were announced by EVO head Joey Cuellar, and there's a lot to unpack from the results.

Every Winner at Combo Breaker 2019

The other half of this weekend's stunning fighting game tournaments, Combo Breaker 2019 brought a whole lot of heat led by NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11.

How To Watch Combo Breaker 2019

A major fighting game tournament is taking over Chicago this weekend, and here's how you can watch every punch, kick, jump, and chop.

Panda Global's Keys To EVO Will Send Five Players to EVO 2019

If you think you're good enough to roll with the best at EVO 2019, Panda Global is offering a chance to prove it and score a chance to go to EVO 2019 free with the PG Keys to EVO league.

Making Esports Gritty - The 10 Best Games For The Flyers Mascot

What if Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers' mascot, found his way into ten of the most popular esports games available today? We think it would look something like this.

Did a Tekken Pachinko Machine Reveal A Character's Future?

A Reddit user stumbled upon an interesting video clip from a Tekken pachinko machine, which may have revealed the future for one of its biggest stars.

Tekken 7 Julia Chang Gameplay Guide

The pro wrestler in disguise turned Twitch streamer Julia Chang is now available in Tekken 7, and we have a few handy tips to get you started on your journey with Julia.

Tekken 7 Negan Gameplay Release Date Guide

With The Walking Dead's most famous antagonist Negan now available in Tekken 7 on his release date today, we take a look at his moveset and give our best beginner's tips for learning the leader of the Saviors.

Predicting the EVO 2019 Main Game Lineup

With EVO 2019's lineup set to be revealed later tonight, we take a look at what will, what could, and what won't be a part of the Evolution Championship Series this year.

Tekken Creator Katsuhiro Harada Now Heading Bandai Namco Esports Division

The longtime FGC figurehead has added the growth of Bandai Namco's esports division to his growing to-do list, a task that just recently became even more difficult thanks to outside forces.

Red Bull Conquest Finals 2018 Stream and Schedule

The Red Bull 2018 Conquest Finals are currently taking place for a multitude of fighting game titles, and we have everything you need to know covered.

Tekken Champions JCDR & Saint Released From Echo Fox

Following major group of players let go from the Echo Fox organization, Tekken 7 pro players JCDR and Saint are the latest to be released from the team.

How To Watch Summer Jam 12 and Its Furious Fighting Game Action

The fighting game community has descended on Philadelphia for Summer Jam 12, and we have the best ways to watch all of the action from your own home.

Tekken 7 Heihachi Mishima & Pokemon Prof. Oak Voice Actor Passes Away

The gaming and entertainment world mourns the loss an impeccable and iconic Japanese voice actor today. Unsho Ishizuka, Japanese voice of Pokemon's Professor Oak and current Tekken's Heihachi Mishima, has passed away.

Tekken 7 New Characters Include Negan From the Walking Dead

The popular villain from The Walking Dead will be making his way to Tekken 7 along with Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

Twin Galaxies Fight Club Announced Featuring FGC Legend Exhibitions

Fighting game hype for August continues to grow as the Twin Galaxies Fight Club is announced, bringing in a top-tier exhibition event of some of the world's greatest FGC players alongside EVO 2018.

The MarkMan, The Myth, The Legend - FGC Vet Talks Tekken & Soul Calibur VI

Twin Galaxies got the chance to speak with FGC mainstay and EVO Global Business Development Mark "MarkMan" Julio, who gave some interesting insight to the community and a few of the games that currently represent it.

The School Of Hard Noctis: A Guide To Tekken 7's New Crown Prince

The Crown Prince of Lucis has arrived in Tekken 7, and we've prepared a how-to guide for how to kick your Tekken 7 game up a Noctis.

The DBFZ Dominance of GO1 & Other Fighting Highlights From Final Round 2018

The hottest fighting game tournament in Hotlanta is in the books, and there's plenty to talk about as we head to the next big clash. We look back at a great weekend for fighting games.

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