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GTL: Fortnite Builds Epic Success & More from E3

Fortnite stole the show at E3 Expo 2018 with their Pro-Am tournament, Nintendo Switch release, and massive booth. 2018's conference was the most entertaining to date, but with new guidelines, the show may be suffering from an identity crisis.

Who Won E3 2018? Twin Galaxies Editorial Weighs In On The Show

The week is up and E3 2018 has finally come to an end. In the bounty of gaming goodness, who had the most to share? Sony? Microsoft? Ubisoft? We at Twin Galaxies Editorial share who wowed us the most in this all-staff feature.

E3 2018 Closes Out With Massive Numbers, Announces Dates For 2019

After a successful event, the ESA has revealed the number of attendees for this year's E3 event, as well as the planned dates for 2019.

New Day vs The Elite Street Fighter 5 Exhibition Brings Cody Gameplay and Heat

The much-anticipated bout between The New Day, led by Xavier Woods and The Elite, led by IWGP heavyweight champion Kenny Omega lived up to the hype and then some. We break down the event and its "fiery" conclusion.

How To Watch Day 2 Of $50,000 Shacknews World Championship At E3 2018

Shacknews starting Day 2 of their inaugural step into competitive gaming action at E3 2018 with the Shacknews World Championship, and the Round of 16 kicks off very soon with Halo 2 as players compete for $50,000

New Day Faces The Elite In Street Fighter 5 At E3 2018 - Where To Watch

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, alongside New Day mates Big E and Kofi Kingston, will battle NJPW's Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks in Street Fighter V on the E3 stage. Here's how it happened and how to watch.

Who Won the Fortnite Pro-Am? Ninja: "We Knew We Had a Good Shot"

Who won the Fortnite Pro-Am? Ninja and Marshmellow were able to take home the grand prize of $1,000,000 for charity and the Fortnite Pro-Am golden pickaxes.

Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Interview With Dillon Francis & IIJERiCHOII Takes an Awkward Turn

At least one interview after the first match left some on the broadcast team a little irritated, as Dillon Francis spoke his mind about his chances in the upcoming games.

ZeRo Wins Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018

The Super Smash Bros. Wii U legend ZeRo was able to secure the very first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ultimate tournament in the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018.

The GG BoyZ Claim the Splatoon 2 World Championship

An exciting and fast paced series saw the GG BoyZ claim victory over the BackSquids in the Splatoon 2 World Championship Finals at E3 2018.

Ninja, Myth and DrLupo are Gearing Up for E3 Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am

The E3 2018 Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am is set to begin in a few hours, and the brightest stars in the Fortnite community are getting ready for the Fortnite Pro-Am action, such as Ninja, Myth, DrLupo, Ali-A and others.

The Known Competitive Super Smash Bros Ultimate Changes

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced at Nintendo E3 is set to bring tons of changes to the competitive Smash landscape. We've collected everything we know so far and compiled it into one handy page for Smash and Nintendo fans alike!

How to Watch the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am at E3 2018

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am is set to be one of the biggest events taking place at E3 2018, and we have all of the details you need to know to catch all of the E3 2018 Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am action.

Ridley's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Moves Revealed So Far

Ridley is finally part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate! We're putting together all of his moves as we see them so you can get a head start on learning your new favorite character!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ridley and Inkling Amiibos Revealed

Ridley and Inkling are making their debut for Super Smash Bros. in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and they both will be getting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibos.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Includes Ridley, December Release Date Announced

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch has been announced, and it will include the Metroid villain Ridley and a December release date.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Revealed

Nintendo Direct at E3 continues to deliver as the full roster for the latest Super Smash Bros. game is revealed.

Super Mario Party Revealed At Nintendo E3 Press Conference

The popular party game franchise was revealed at the Nintendo Direct E3 presentation and is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Fortnite Champions Tour May Start At Epic Games Celebrity Pro Am at E3 2018 (Update)

A truck bearing some interesting art related to Fortnite has been spotted on the streets of Los Angeles, hinting at a possible launch of the Fortnite Champions Tour at E3 2018.

How to Sign Up For The Division 2 Beta

If you're looking for information on how to get a head start on The Division 2, we've got you've covered.

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