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Longstanding 80's Video Game World Record Potentially Beaten

The 38 year old Crazy Climber arcade world record could be dethroned by an incredible performance submitted by competitor Brian Joseph Sperback - but there may be controversy.

Shacknews Champions League Returns to E3 2019

It looks like Shacknews is once again adding to the competitive gaming events at E3 2019 with the return of their Champions League event.

QuakeCon Will Be In London As Well As Dallas In The Year of DOOM

Bethesda and id Software fans across the Atlantic will have a chance to see QuakeCon in their backyard in 2019. QuakeCon will happen simultaneously in Dallas and London this year with DOOM Eternal front and center.

OmegaLOL: How to Take an 'L' in League of Legends

It's only a matter of time. Learning how to properly take a loss in League of Legends has made great players out of the ordinary. We're here to share that wisdom.

Battlefield V Firestorm Map is 10x Bigger Than Previous BF Maps

Battle Royale maps are one of the most important parts of the experience and the Battlefield V: Firestorm map is 10-times the size of the current largest Battlefield map.

All Overwatch League Teams Get Home and Road Games in 2020

Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer reveals on Twitter that every team in the Overwatch League will get to play both home and away games in 2020 season.

Hearthstone Masters Offers New Competitive & Esports System For Players

Blizzard is taking a shot at injecting fresh life into the Hearthstone competitive scene with the announcement of Hearthstone Masters.

Echo Fox LoL Signs Apollo, Hakuho, & Solo In Major Trade

The Fox Squad is looking to face 2019 with some fresh faces, with three players from Clutch Gaming to be signed to the roster as the team looks towards the next season of the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Summit1g Takes A Sip From His Own Molotov Cocktail In Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Sometimes, you can be great with a particular weapon in a game. But, other times, you'll find yourself in the fire. Summit1g might want to stick to other kinds of grenades other than Molotov in COD Black Ops 4 from now on.

Armada Announces Retirement From Super Smash Bros Melee Singles Competition

Top Smash Bros Melee pro Adam "Armada" Lindgren has announced his retirement from Melee singles events. How will this impact the Melee community? Will Smash Ultimate rekindle the flame for the world's best Peach main?

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup 2018 Announced For December At Luxor Esports Arena

The 2018 season of Street Fighter 5 competition is coming to a close as competitors gear up one of the biggest prizes of the year: The Capcom Cup. Capcom Fighters has officially announced dates and venue for the final competition.

WWE's HHH Congratulates OWL's London Spitfire With World Championship Belt

Wrestling and gaming have had no lack of crossover recently, and WWE Champion and executive face Triple H is keeping it going with a custom WWE Championship belt offered to Overwatch League Season 1 champions London Spitfire.

Argentina Government Draws Controversy Over Esports Legislation

The legitimacy of esports is often debated among critics, but a new bill being pushed in Argentina has teams and organizations up in arms against certain controversial conditions of the legislation.

SNK Announces New Samurai Shodown Game Coming in 2019

After over a decade on hiatus, SNK is bringing the Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits series back! A new game in the fighting series has been announced for 2019.

Multiplayer Car Combat Arena Heavy Metal Machines Leaving Early Access

Free-to-play, Car combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines is preparing to leave Steam Early Access and has a new trailer and features to celebrate its launch!

NBA 2K Announces $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament For PS4 & Xbox One

As NBA 2K gears up for another season of the official 2K League, they've just offered an invitational tournament for 32 players to take their crack at a $250,000 prize pot.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Named Firestorm, Featuring 64 Players

It would appear that Battlefield V is gearing up to join the growing number of battle royale games. In a new video, they announced Firestorm as a 64-player, battle royale-style mode.

PlayStation Plus September Free Games Include Destiny 2 Ahead Of Forsaken

With the Forsaken expansion arriving early in September, it would appear Sony is making sure nobody has a reason to miss the action. Destiny 2 is one of the free games for players with PlayStation Plus in September, and you can jump in now.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Trailer & Gambit Free Trial Revealed

Just after the announcement of the Gambit game mode for Destiny 2, Activision is keeping the hype train moving at Gamescom with a trailer for the Forsaken expansion and a free trial for the Gambit mode.

THE COOL KID Talks Street Fighter V, Top 8 At EVO, & His 2018 Climb

From the settling dust of EVO 2018, we got to talk to Marcus "THE COOL KID93" Redmond, who was one of the only players in the Street Fighter 5 Top 8 without an esports team behind him.

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