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The GG Podcast & Hector Rodriguez Talk OpTic Gaming & Politics

This week's GG Podcast features esports ROYALTY! OpTic Gaming CEO Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez stopped by to chat with GG Podcast about the beginning of OpTic, the current esports scene, and more.

Team Liquid Snag Win After Huge Comeback Against OpTic

'Because OpTic played it bad and we played it really well, we were able to come back." - Team Liquid's Doublelift

OpTic Releases Gears of War Roster Per Squad's Request

OpTic Gaming recently released one of the winningest squads in the Gears of War scene, as per request of the team.

OpTic Gaming Beat TSM Without Their Star Mid-Laner

Making his LCS debut for OpTic Gaming, Scarlet played a huge role in the win against one of the league's best teams.

OpTic Gaming Lose First Game of the Summer Split to Cloud9

The Green Wall has made quite the impression so far in the 2019 LCS Summer Split, but is that the real OpTic?

Immortals Looking to Buy OpTic Gaming's LCS Franchise Spot

With Series B funding the Immortals Esports organization seeks to make their way back to the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Luminosity Wins Call of Duty World League Fort Worth Major

After placing 4th in the Call of Duty World League Las Vegas Major this past winter, ex-OpTic Gaming star FormaL, and his new squad Luminosity Gaming, put on a clinic in Texas.

Gen.G Eliminates OpTic Gaming From CWL Fort Worth 2019

There was a mountain of drama in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday during the Call of Duty World League major as fan-favourites OpTic Gaming got sent packing by Gen.G in Dashy's return.

Texas Esports May Sell Their Majority Share In OpTic Gaming And The Houston Outlaws

The company is the majority owner of Infinite Esports & Entertainment, which owns the OpTic Gaming and Houston Outlaws brands.

What Esports Can Learn From The Forsaken CS:GO Cheating Scandal

News of a CS:GO player cheating during premier events is troubling for many reasons, but if more players were to be caught esports could be headed down a long and tumultuous path. Pro wrestling may be the best example to help learn from history.

Scump of Optic Gaming Has Gained An Insane Amount of Twitch Subs in Two Weeks

OpTic Gaming Call of Duty player Scump has revealed that he has hit a major milestone for subscribers on his Twitch channel.

Former OpTic India CS:GO Player Forsaken Addresses Cheating Scandal

Forsaken, the former OpTic India CS:GO star caught using illegal cheating programs during official events, has broken his silence on the matter.

Pamaj Leaves OpTic Gaming In Search Of A "New Challenge"

Austin "Pamaj" Pamajewon has left OpTic Gaming to be "closer to home" and to "search for a new challenge and new experiences."

OpTic Gaming Removed from NA ESL Pro League

The Green Wall is shifting to the European scene, though they are suffering a demotion to do so.

OpTic Gaming and Sansar Partner Together for Greenwall VR Experience

OpTic Gaming and social virtual reality leader Sansar have announced a new partnership in the form of a virtual reality esports clubhouse called Greenwall VR.

Esports Designers Create OpTic Gaming Inspired Fortnite Skins

These character and weapon skins inspired by OpTic Gaming show off what potential esports team based skins could look like for Fortnite's competitive scene.

Nadeshot teases the idea of signing the OpTic CoD roster for 100 Thieves

While live streaming, Nadeshot received a donation asking if he'd recruit the current Call of Duty OpTic roster to 100 Thieves. He didn't say no...

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